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MYP Language Acquisition Google Community - Google Drive. Link for sharing resources, readings and inspirations.

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I am teaching German for the MYP classes since 2 years and I must say that I could not find any resources which could guide me in teaching the language more conceptually and inquiry-based.
Last year, we had a in-school workshop with Kath Murdoch and I had only one question how can I do all these wonderful examples of inquiry-based teaching in my language acquisition class. One link I found at that time:

I really look forward to collaborate with you all.


I am interested in how you are going about this? Is there a way that I can get others involved also? The language teachers at my school have the very same questions in how they can teach languages conceptually and through inquiry. This collaboration could prove to be useful PD for my language teachers here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Week 7, Term 3:
- From the reading, what small action can we take from this to put into action over the coming fortnight?
- How can we measure it's success or failure?
- How can we share this best practice? (Medium?)

"If we are not capitlizing on student voice, we are not teaching language the way we should." - Viviana Golding, Pedagogy and Languages PD, 2016.

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Action Research Session 1 Recap:

Thanks for this morning - I'm excited about this GSLC learning community. Thank you for being on board.

As you can see from your Google Community Invitation, I've opened up this instead of our Padlet and Forum so our colleagues from across the globe can participate to. Please post ideas, quotes and actions as a result of our collaborative research and also any useful links, inquiry questions, ponderings, etc:

I'll pop in your calendar next Friday, 8.15am - 8.30am in the Upper Middle School Foyer.

Have a great week!


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"Language is learned best when the whole is taught first and the parts are understood later." (University of Texas, Austin)

This strikes me as the opposite of a traditional approach to teaching in general. Gregory St. Vincent used a Spanish edition of Harry Potter to teach his Phase 1 Spanish class as he wanted the students to feel a sense of accomplishment of reading a whole text - his goal, deep and rigorous language learning without realizing one was learning language as they were so immersed in the world of Hogwarts. (LE)
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