Thanks for the invite. I share custody of my daughter and it cracks me up she is so well behaved with me but when she is with her mom she isn't lol love my Lil girl

Tell the kids whoever leaves the biggest mess on the table will have to clean the entire table..

Since I made that rule they inspect where they ate after they cleanup. Its become a competition that works in my favor...

After playing at the park, bang all the sand out of their shoes before letting them get in your vehicle


When the kids get off the bus have them a snack on the table where they do their homework. Helps them engage.

Alright thanks for the invitation. Where do we start?

Tip#5 Establish schedules and predictable routines

One thing I've realized is that when my daughter knows what going on and is on a daily routine every thing seems to flow smoothly but when we don't follow it life becomes hectic

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im not a parent but i may have some insight
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