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Track your competitors' Instagram profiles. Run hashtags reports.

Measure your Instagram performance against your top competitors, monitor their campaigns and hashtags and apply those insights to your digital strategy.

Using this app, you'll get:

- a profile growth over time since the day the profile was created
- posts performance for any Instagram profile
- how many posts per day your competitors are posting on Instagram
- what filters your competitors use
- what type of content your competitors are posting: image, carousel or photo
- when they are posting
- what type of post generated higher engagement rates
- what hashtags they use
- a full list of their posts

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When it comes to developing a reliable digital strategy for your brand, an assessment of what your competitors are doing on social media is quite essential. It goes without saying that Facebook remains the goldmine for marketers to extract audience data and derive valuable insights from it.

Read on to understand which of the key metrics deliver useful insights about your competitors' social media strategy and your target audience.

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Use the power of small communities to promote your brand on #socialmedia.

Do you struggle with your community engagement? Do you always compare your social media results to those of your top competitors? Is this way of thinking helpful for your business? 

Find out how 5 UK clothing brands got an higher engagement rate in page versus Zara or H&M (global pages) in the first half of the year 2017:

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People will buy your product because you understand your their needs, hopes, wants, and dreams first.
How can we find our customers' needs?
Start with the Empathy Audit, then follow the Empathy Map.

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We're living in an era full of content with an exceeded volume of sharing.
It's not enough to create content, post, and then sit back and wonder why people aren't responding or buying our products or services.

It takes time and courage to create lasting connections with our customers. Facebook engagement is the new way of social selling.
How do you create engagement around your brand?

ps: you could find more tips on brand engagement from the Top 10 US Fast-Food Brands:
#facebookengagement #fastfood #brands
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