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I have the pro version. I paid. I was connected with Google. I reinstalled the app and I lost all my notes????

Is this getting anymore updates? I installed it on my new Pixel 2 and it creates around 5-10 copies of each note on the root folder of Drive.

It doesn't sync with my old backups in Drive any more :(

A quick suggestion: redo button.
Fairly straightforward, occasionally I accidentally hit the undo button in edit mode and I just copied and pasted something important. Would appreciate it.

Love Monospace. How can I put literal * and _ symbols? I've tried escaping with \ but no luck. My current workaround is enclose text in backticks.

Any way I can restore my pro purchase?

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Hi, does Monospace sync with Google Drive? It appears from the settings that this feature is supported but even though I have it checked, I can't find my Monospace files on my GDrive.

Hi, I have bought the pro version on Monospace and have it on my tablet and phone, I have enabled Google Drive Sync but my files are not syncing between devices. Is there a hash tag or something that I need to use to get them to sync or something?


I recently set two files with the same password but I was only able to open one file. I suspect that I have a typo in the other file. How am I suppose to recover that encrypted file without knowing the password? Pls help the file is really important.
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