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From the team that made and comes new SaaS service under name which created advanced set of tools for 3D community. Check it out.

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Updated version of the Vortex Pendant. This ‪#‎SacredGeometry‬ pendant is derived from the Fibonacci sequence, and ideas linking the divine ratio (Phi) with vortex mathematics. Available for ‪#‎3dPrinting‬ in various materials and colors.

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Hi everyone. I'd like to share with you some of my personal jewelry and other 3d printed designs on #Shapeways . Here's my latest pendant design. Feel free to check out my shop! Enjoy.,

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Hello! This is a community to discuss, share, educate and influence others on the potential of 3D printing on the jewelry industry. Please share with others who may be interested in the topic!
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