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Welcome to the brand new Oc Rp community! Ocs of any fandom are welcome, but be sure to make a profile before roleplaying. I will leave a template in the comments. Have fun!

(Profile must have picture(s) of Oc)

Hey, Rari here! I just added new categories to rp in, fandom rps!! Any roleplay in the fandom rp category made bfofe they were made will be excused, as there was no proper place before.

Stay safe, my friends!

(( +Rarionette the Puppet™​ Wasn't sure what category to put it in exactly.))

"Pretty sure I came from this way."

Mystee muttered after she had been walking in the fog for the past 15 minutes. She was searching for her phone, which fell from a hole in her pocket. It was a few minutes after she lost it, that the thick fog started rolling in. She still had yet to find it, and wondered if someone picked it up.

"Tch. Who would they even call?"

She scoffed, realizing that she didn't have any contacts in her phone. With a shake of her head, she made a few more steps, before stopping in her tracks. Her eyes narrowed and looked around, sensing the presence of another. Until she knew they weren't a threat she stayed on guard.

this place dead?

I'm here

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~My Oc~
(1/idfk how many)

×Name: Venus

×Nickname: V, Veve

×Age: 9

×Gender: Female

×Sexuality: Straight

×Relationship Status: Single

×Fandom: No designated fandom

×Species: Human

×Hobbies: Singing

×Job (if any): Helps keep nature in check

×Likes: Nature, green, love, life, music

×Dislikes: Haters



 Venus was just 2 years old when it happened, the forest behind her home fell from a thunderstorm, she had to flee her house before it got crushed. Once she did, she found a strange gemstone on the ground, and right as her finger made contact with it, a rainbow lightning bolt struck her. The gemstone was permanently stuck to her forehead, giving her magical abilities, along with a tattoo on her arm (take that daddy haha). Now she flies from forest to forest, swamp to swamp, desert to desert, making sure nature stays how it should. She would sing to animals to heal them or reassure them. She did it for fun too, and she loved it.
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~My Oc~

×Name: Mystee Reigh Caremella

×Nickname: Myst

×Age: Appears 15 (Actual age depends on RP)

×Gender: Female

×Sexuality: Pansexual

×Relationship Status: Single

×Fandom: Just about whatever.

×Species: Vampire

×Hobbies: Drawing, watching cartoons/anime, walking/running, fighting, arts and crafts, making simple weapons, and listening to music.

×Job (if any): N/A

×Likes: Animals, the colors red, black, and purple, horror and comedy movies/shows, stuffed animals, sharp objects, blood, night time, rain, snow, and being alone.

×Dislikes: Most people, romance/chick flicks, sunlight, day time, dolls, fart jokes, heat, country music, and public speaking.


×Bio/Backstory: Birth: She was born in a public hospital, where a shooting occured and her mother was shot in the head and stomach. Fortunately she and her dad were not hit, but her mom clearly didn't make it, neither did the brother that she would've had. Not much is really known about the family from the mom's side, besides they all had difficulties getting along.
Age Some months-4: She was cared for by her dad up until around her 4th Christmas eve, when he 'disappeared'. It was rumored that he had died in a car accident, but the actual cause remains unknown.
Age 5-9: Moved and lived alone with her grandparents from her dad's side. Attended elementary school for grades K to 1st, but was then home-schooled after feeling insecure at school. Grandfather died during a burglary when she was 7, where she witnessed him being stabbed multiple times. The only reason she survived, was thanks to the neighbor calling the authorities and for taking down the burgular. A couple years later, her grandmother had died of skin cancer.
Age 10-14: Moved in with her uncle on her dad's side in New York. A few months after she was 10, she got her ears pierced. At age 11 she started to show signs of demonic possession. When she turned 12 her ill-behavior had only gotten worse. This behavior included:, but not limited to: terrorizing the neighbors, tormenting and harming others around her age or older, and self-destruction (burning the outline of a goats head into her inner right thigh). She unconsciously killed her own uncle with a pair of scissors, and will deny doing so. She was admitted to an asylum afterwards until she was 14 years old, where she was actually let out on mistake. Age 15+: Got her first pet, which is a Rose-haired tarantula, that she found in some teenage boy's 'Junk' pile. She started dying her hair as well. She appears to have 'lost' most of her past memories, when in actuality, she's just been keeping them suppressed, not wanting to 'bug' anyone with her drama. Once she turned 15 she was attacked by a vampire, who assaulted her and turned her into a full vampire. She wasn't bitten on her neck, but on her inner right thigh instead. She usually resides in a motel room with her tarantula companion, but sometimes does some travelling. With being somewhat immortal and all, she figures why not. She gets most of her clothing from thrift stores with money she either: takes from dead bodies, finds on her own, and/or earns from small 'jobs'.

(The Panty and Stocking styled one was made by this person: (the other girl is an OC of this girl's: ) the avatar was made on, and the one of her holding a gun was what I did to a base: Wish I had more, but that's all i really got for now since I changed her hair style. )
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