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Kinky Handyman

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Kinky Handyman - In Los Angeles -
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Mike “Dr. Knock Boots” Lowery

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The only event of its kind in the sexual freedom movement, focusing on the State of Sexual Freedom in the United States, including legislative, policy and social change.

- Beyond the Beltway Bubble: Impacting Sex Ed Policy Trends
- Black Lives Matter in Porn, Kink and Leather – Black Males, Law Enforcement and Sexual Expression
- Butch-Femme Conversation
- Composing and Singing Your Sexual Freedom Battle Cry
- How to Romance Your List And Build Engagement So You Can Take Over The World and Still Have Time For Pina Coladas
- I Like ‘Em Fat Like That: The Confluence of the Fat Positivity Movement and Fat Sexuality
- Polyamory Awareness in Unitarian Universalism
- Sex, Shame, and Love
- And many, many more!!!

Hotel Registration:
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Mike “Dr. Knock Boots” Lowery

11) Clubs / Parties / Events  - 
IOS Connections and Exxxotica are pleased to announce the largest lifestyle event the Midwest has ever seen, SwingZotica. We have partnered to bring you a real opportunity to "Party like a Pornstar" for an entire weekend. Our friends Swinglifestyle, SLS Exchange, Swingtastic Toys, Spunk Lube, Hedonism II resort, and Homegrown Video has joined us to bring you a schedule of events you will not find anywhere else! Here is what we have planned:

We are bringing you some of the sexiest parties you will ever attend! Our Friday Fetish party will bring you live entertainment, giveaways for the best dressed, and 4 hours of the best DJs you can find. Saturday will be our Superhero Dress Up party where the sexiest Superhero’s in the country will party their Superhero booties off! We will have live entertainment, giveaways for the best Superhero costumes, and once again 4 hours of the best DJs you can find.

A Friday Fetish party will bring you live entertainment, giveaways for the best dressed, and four hours of the best DJs you can find. Chicago's Premier Lifestyle and BDSM group AWMClub will be bringing in their very own dungeon. It doesn't matter if you are just a curious observer, a beginner, or a season vet of the fetish/BDSM lifestyle, there is something for everyone with the goal of bringing all lifestyles together. Music, lighting and atmosphere set up by our friends at The Champagne Club.

A Saturday Superhero party will have some of the sexiest superheroes in the country that will party their booties off. There will be live entertainment, giveaways for the best costumes, and once again four hours of the best DJs you can find. Homegrown Video has agreed to put together some amazing contests for everyone to enjoy and Sinsational Travel, Swingtastic Toys, and Spunk Lube will be presenting the prizes, with the big giveaway being a free trip to Hedonism II resorts to Dirty Perv Week brought to by Sinsational Travel. . Music, lighting and atmosphere set up by our friends at The Champagne Club.
Fri, June 12, 12:00 PM CDT

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BBC Obsession

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Me an my gf have a black fetish and would LOVE to get a group of blak men together;)
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Yeah go to adult friend finder I do know one black dude from Tahoe that has a huge thick 14 inch BBC and he is into being the bull has done it for couples before
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The Kink Tank

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Having bumped around for a bit in kink myself, I am coming to my own conclusions about what Kink is good for and how I want to play. But I know enough already to see three glaring differences between real BDSM/kink and the movie.
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Mary Justin

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Mike Dark

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hope you enjoy it
my 3rd fantasy shortstory

the young cripple's kinky dreams – 03 {WARNING: extreme hardcore}

[introduction (for those don't yet knowing me): I’ve cerebral palsy since birth so always lived bound to a wheelchair, though never acted upon I had many incest fantasies when I got to my early teen years, in my mind I were a perv lil'boy, specially about my 50-something petite blonde shorthaired godmother that was also my mom's big sis and our neighbor –  all this is true, and now for the continuing fantasy...]


It had been a couple weeks since our fucking slow dance. Meanwhile I had taken furtive gropings at my minx godmother living nextdoor whenever got a chance, she then would smile coyly feeling my hairy and spastic hand under her skirt or crawling up beneath the folds of some loose shirt of hers but would resist my lewd advances anymore. 

Though our timing was always cut short and I was unable to unload my growing blue balls inside my fair auntie's most welcomed bald cunt.

Then there was a Saturday morning. 

I wake with sound of voices, for my small bedroom is just a thin wall from our kitchen, that's the first division from the backdoor garden. We rarely use the opposite main entrance, all comings and goings are therefor through this service door.

Immediately I recognized my mom talking to her big sister, asking how she's feeling because seemed more pale than usual, then my aunt confesses she's really not well, being again constipated for several days, feels nauseated and bothered, couldn't even stand any waistband around her swollen belly full of gases and cramps, it's why she got to wear today only this cotton white tunic (that normally uses for bedtime) without anything underneath but a bra.

So hearing this I got an instantaneous boner under the sheets ;) imagining those enticing bare globes of soft and white flesh bouncing freely covered only by a flimsy tube of tissue while she'll be walking around all day. Almost came to that mental image, and had to stay in bed longer than desired, till my erection went down thanks to much psych effort of mine, and could then safely call my mother to dressing me up and put on my wheelchair.

Having skipped breakfast I had lunch earlier than the others, but stayed near the outside table enjoying the warmth summer light... half sleeping half digesting under a tree... until my godparents came joining us for my mom's coffee. 

I took my change and signaled my aunt to sit with me in the shades. Acting lazy put my head on her shoulder and my arms around on a very wide embrace, but my my eyes were on the opening of her tunic trying to peek at the discrete cleavage it was offering my privileged point of view, and my hand on her back was shameful gnawing at her plump buttcheeks.

Nervous and uncomfortable she tries to disguise it by keeping smiling and chatting normally while drinking the hot beverage, even nonchalantly laying her arm around my lap to hide my obscenely growing tent on my baggy shorts before everybody unnoted sight. 

Aware and aroused by her embarrass I keep poking at her ass rimming my awkward fingers across the crevice made by the molding of the cotton fabric on her now sweaty body.

She in vain attempted to stand up and leave but I'd tighten my hold on her every time she made a effort like that,while still pretending to be almost asleep leaning on my caring auntie's shoulder.

In fact ;) feigning an occasional spasm, I was even dry humping my engorged cock on her lithe hand resting on my soft shorts, to much her dismay!

“please stop that, someone may notice it” she'd trembling whisper on my ear, disguising it with a gentle kiss, that would serve to excite me more and more.

She could feel my burning mushroom head rocking against her palm, and the sticky dampness growing lewdly on the thin fabric that separated our skins. Her face was getting redder by the minute, afraid that this would be finally the time that our improper relation would literally CUM OUT in public, if anyone took hold of the precum stain on my clothes.

“what's the matter?” asked my godfather, at last seeing her frown. “it's nothing, just my belly ache” she replied with obvious discomfort. I had just discovered her buttcrack and was pushing my middle finger into it.

“why you two don't go take a rest on the living-room floor? he's practically sleeping on you anyhow, and it might even help attenuate those cramps of yours, who knows!” purposed innocently her husband. 

That's the cue I was waiting for. Without wasting any time I lift my head and say YES nodding enthusiastically.

Though we aren't of Spanish heritage, we were used to do some siestas when I was young, specially on summer days like this.

So my mom gladly rose up and went to prepare the sheets and pillows on the carpet for us. 

After a couple minutes,when everything was ready, my godmother insisted on taking care of me alone... secretly afraid that my bulging hardon would be discovered by others. 

She then rapidly got my wheelchair home, and, taking me on her arms (with my erected dick rudely poking at her slightly covered mound), put me to bed on the floor, then laid at my side while covering us with a light linen in a swift and worried move.

So now we are laying together on my living room... all alone ;)
And as soon her sister (my mom) left, my hand under the sheet drives automatically up in between her legs, feeling her warm pussy and making her sigh. 

I hear her belly rumbling.

“wait!”she pleads, gently petting my throbbing cock through the clothes. But pretending not to listen I try to climb onto my auntie's hot body, humping her like a mad rabbit.

“wait please” she insists, “not like that, we must be discrete.” and reinforces her plea by tenderly kissing my forehead with that moist red-lipstick mouth of hers, roaming at the same time her soft hands down my agitated body to remove my shorts and finally free my eager dick against her own skin. Then rolls her back to me and pulls her tunic up under our lite covers.

I understand the not so subtle message and pass one arm over her enclosed tits, putting us together on a somewhat spooning position. She slightly parts her legs, and, holding from behind my scalding rod, guides the scarlet mushroom home to her nether lips.

Feeling her silky cunt around my peehole, makes me act as a pure animal shoving all my prick's length inside in just one rude and careless stroke.

She bites a scream, while whole in I keep thrusting and thrusting like trying to impossibly drill deeper into her cervix with my young prick.

In the ecstasy of it all, my crooked hand slips further under the tunic's cleavage and beneath the constraint of the white bra, finding one of her plump tits and grabbing it hard... what helps my fucking momentum ;)

“you're hurting me, slow down” she complains, as if I cared, my response being just a drooling growl near her neck. “stop please, I’m feeling sick... oh my belly!” she continues after a moment whispering me at hiccuped sighs, till  pushes me away and tries to get up from our bed on the ground.

But furious, for she had managed to dislodge my suffering cock from her heavenly pussy with that sudden rising movement of hers, I hold viciously to her teat forcing her down to me again.

“oh just let me go to the WC, oh my belly cramps” she asks defeatly “I'll let you finish later, I'm nauseated, must throw up, oh please honey” proceeds her whinnying. Meanwhile I'm focused rubbing my penis on her slippery mound disparately trying to enter her again while fighting the urge to cum all over her milky buttcheeks.

Is then, as a unforeseen lucky strike, I'm somehow able to lodge my pecker in her warm asscrack, and a wicked idea comes to mind ;)

“no, not there!” she begs startled by my grinning and new rimming re-direction, “just use my pussy already, here let me help you.” dispairs my godmother, while attempts to open her legs and in vain tries to grab my cock from behind to re-insert it in her inviting vagina, but I roughly refuse such advances by holding her body tight and keep forcing myself on her most unwelcome ass... until finally my prickhead hits the puckered asshole entrance. 

She jumps as a wild horse by that first contact, though like a unrelented cowboy I never let go her backside, putting all my weight on it I push through till at last my pecker's crowned head enters that amazingly tight unexploited brownhole.

Tears run now freely on her super blushed face, contorted on a bestial frown of uncalculated pain mingled with surreal self control to avoid screaming her lungs out and alert everyone about our anal incest.

Though wet with precum and her own cunt juices, my dick advances so very slowly in her gripping rectum. As if plowing a hard soil, I apply all my strength on the task but progress very little. Inch by inch, minute by minute... sweating like a pig on my sobbing godmother, I refuse to give up, and keep pushing and pushing... while smiling satisfied at her discomforted grimace.

In increasing excruciating pain and embarrassment she rolled herself almost to a fetal position; and I accompanied it, now completely spooning her.

“oh my belly, oh no” she manages to say some time later in a sudden renewed scare, as my dick further reaches her bowels and it restart to rumble even louder and meaner than before, “oh god I'm gonna shit, oh no, oh please let me go, oh god...” she panics. But I don't care, my mind is set only on the hard task of fucking her butt ;)

To her utter humiliation, I laugh when feel the very surprising and wondrous sensation of uncontainable farting around my prick.

It never felt so warm and slick inside her, was just as if my cock were fully enveloped in a heavenly cloud of the most absolute delight (I feverish imagined)!

“oh god!” she cries through her hands now holding her face in painful shame.

And with a final thrust, feeling my hairless balls hitting obscenely loud onto her sweaty cuntlips, I cum like the river Styx full inside her sphincter!

It last for minutes my so glorious discharge in her ass. If possible she blushes even more, grunting beyond any animalistic bellow or purring.

When it's over, my balls completely drained out, and I release my vice embrace of her; she jumps like a mad woman to her feet, expelling quiet sorely (I'd guess) my still hard dick from her snuggling asshole on the process. And then runs towards her home barefoot and all... holding awkwardly her buttcheeks  together through her tunic in obvious disarray, while shouting as possessed for everyone to hear: “oh god, my belly, I can't take it any longer; oh my god, you're gonna make me shit myself!”.

Later I'd hear her again confess to my mom that the siesta somehow had really helped her previous constipation for she had on that afternoon shat like never shite before!!

So it's how my cum became from that day forward my godmother's favorite enema ;)
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Luna Aleksandra

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Hi..... 7049440857
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Latex Lust

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+Collective CHAOS Design ‪#‎PA‬ ‪#‎latex‬ & PH
model +Mosh ‪#‎LA‬
full album on
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Valeria Valkiria

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Hails from Italy. By Valeria Valkiria
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-2 giorni al mio arrivo a Torino (in cui riceverò per soli 3 giorni, una sola volta all'anno) ;) sulle news e sulla BIO del mio sito potete visualizzare… - Valeria Valkiria - Google+
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Jenni Lee gets blindfolded.
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The Kink Tank

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It's not terribly unusual to see married submissive guys looking for a dom of their very own, and it's also not unusual to see those guys get verbally smacked around while they act all confused about why it's happening.
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The Kink Tank

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Article -> Fashion

Foot #fetish? Kick some ass with these butt plug high heels

by +AlixFox via +Metro
Luxury shoe maker Ainsley-T create some seriously kinky boots - including pairs that feature heels shaped like butt plugs.
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