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The purpose of the taeguek forms is to teach students to understand the principal movements, which is a prelude to application.

Practice, practice, and more practice.  Seriously.  I just got my black belt this year and I have to practice, or I know I will forget.  Learning each form can be awkward at first.  I've learned to expect it.  There is a waiting period between each promotion, which gives everyone time to learn and perfect each form.  It's easy to tell who doesn't practice because not only does it take them a long time to learn the moves, but they look awkward doing them.  You can tell who does practice because a form done properly is a work of art.  It's most important to practice every form you know each time you practice, so as to constantly improve and never forget.

My father took me to the movies to see my first Bruce Lee film when I was 5.  I was an instant fan of martial arts.  We saw dozens of movies as I grew up and finally when I was 15 years old, I got started.  I was always small for my age and frequently had to deal with bullies, so I was interested in learning self defense. 

The Taegeuk forms are the first eight forms that we learn in Taekwondo after basic form one.  Some Taekwondo organizations do not use Taegeuk forms.  In the World Taekwondo Federation, mastering the Taeguek forms is a requirement for black belt.
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