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The sky was a beautiful gift for the human world. Showing light and the many other lights far away in the night. The moon, the stars, and the coolness of the night. The humans enjoyed gazing up and wondered if there was another world that was above them, high up in the sky.
Though they were just tales of beings that had beautiful wings that were larger than ones own self. Dreams and drawings of them, the handsome or beautiful male and females that would live there. A girls dream a boys dream was to be one
But little did they know that this world actually existed, a world that they weren't allowed to see because it was protected by the clouds and the magic that the beings held. They were strong, smart, and very protective of their territory
They didn't want the humans knowing, ever. They would ruin their peaceful security, as they thought. But it wouldn't be much different, except they have wings.

One morning, early, the sun just rising. A convict escaped the castle dungeon in the sky. He couldn't fly as his wings were chained together with nails driven into them. He shot down like a bullet towards earth, seeing a field of green grass and deep purple flowers. The wind swayed them like waves, the warmth of the sun meeting him.
But there was a chase to him, the elite guards were on his tail, going just as fast towards him. They gained faster and faster, his eyes looking for a way to land and run. He had done nothing wrong, but they thought he had killed an entire human village. Exposing himself and murdering. The highest of all crimes.
Though he was there, he was the only person that could be involved to this crime, no witness, only blood. His wings used to be a beautiful white, but now, they were dyed the red of blood.
He didn't mind, but it only made him seem like a true killer.

He was now almost to the ground, he spun his body around to he could use his hands to catch himself and flip into a safe landing. He rolled, then tumbled, then ran. Running faster and faster. He looked back to see the men flying to him.
Then they froze in shock. He kept running, a bit confused, but by the time he turned he had rammed into something, or someone

He grunted and groggy looked down at what he just landed on. A woman, or more young woman was staring at him in shock, even fear. Her eyes widened as she looked at his whole body. Bright blue, long black lashes, curly honey brown hair, and she was small for her height.
He stared at her, then quickly got up. But he was captured. He struggled to get free, grunting and groaning. They stuck a needle in his neck, causing him to go limp and falling to his knees. A type of relaxer. With a swift move, they picked up the woman, putting her into a deep sleep.
After a few moments of talking, they knocked him out next, nothing but darkness and the sweet smell of roses

When he woke, he was chained down into the court floor, like before. The marble, the glass, it was frightening for him. He was once more being judged. Looking farther up, he saw that same young woman, tied on a post. He knew what would happen, a memory wipe, but why wait?

The guards glared down at him as the judge entered, sitting down in his gleaming chair. He was young, handsome, and angry. His sneer was well hidden, a dark glare hitting Alex.

Now, what trouble have you caused now Alex...

Credit to +Taiga Uchiha​​​ for making this. Thanks for letting me use this
The first pic is what you look like but the pic of the eyes is your eyes whip the pic of the angel is just to show what his wings look like

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John was badly injured by cyber angels d-damn that hurt he looks at the large gash on his side from a magnetic lance fffuuuuucccckkk a lance was thrown next to him and he error runs SHIT a bright red yellow and blue trail is left behind him as he runs but he knows its useless unless he gets back to his house
more lances where thrown near him as he retches the garage home sweet home he looks in seeing tge electric chair was in there
Sweet assfuck didnt steal it he hobbles to the chair and sits down in it
Shit come on John only a little longer lances tear through his house like a knife through butter FUCK he puts on the helmet and flips a switch on the machine and lighting strikes the chair transporting him to a alternative universe

Mean while

Lightning strikes your front yard and when you exist out a badly inured boy was laying on your lawn

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May i advertise my community here?

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i was the rebel daughter of the kings best friend, despite my strict and controlled up bring i was always disobeying orders and sneaking out to go the village despite the fact that i stood out like a sore thumb
i was the oldest of my four siblings all of us women, which meant it was my duty to marry into a rich and respectable family despite the fact our family was already extremely high on the social ladder
one day when my fathers men found me dancing in a bar with lower social people he decided he had had enough of my behavior and sent me away had his most trusted man take me to the other side of the county and leave me there before telling everyone that i was dead
i was confused when i woke up next to a lake i'd never seen before, getting up i looked around wondering how i got here before i began to panic before i began to run trying to find my way home...that was when i ran into your slave, he was a ugly but not scary looking demon with grey skin and horns, you had sent him here to find a women with a free spirit and to bring her back to the demon kingdom for you, the king to marry, a kingdom i had been forbidden from so much as reading about since demons were seen as evil lustful creatures and my father didnt want my love of braking the rules to grow any more.
you slave instantly could tell what kind of person i was before he grabbed me by the shoulders and in a matter of seconds i was in your room alone with you, i look around scared before running to you since for the time being you appeared to be human, you looked down at me and couldnt help want me as you read my mind falling in love with me you dont show me you were a demon deciding to get me to love you before you show me and marry me

(sorry if its confusing i was half asleep making this)
(this is a romance role play that may have hentai but not as its focus)
(dominate, crule, but kind male needed)
(be descriptive, 3 lines at the least)

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You were my Virgin gf one day I wanted to have sex you said no so I pushed you on the bed n started to rape you with my 8 inch cock while you lay there crying

Girls only
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Your name is terezi pyrope you hunting a dangerous man his name was John Stewart he was famous for his terrorist attacks on monuments, legal building, capital building almost everything. You closed on his location

====>be john

you are now john
"Ohh god not the cop-pmhufffs" your sorry you... Just can't say that with a straight face, you look at at your computer as you see the "seer of mind". You know what's she's here for and that means you get to have some fun

====> john grab wrench

you grab your bloodied wrench and a demented smile grows on your face remember your past victims

====>john go down confirmed kills

87 cops -
37 senate members
-5 cartels
--2 royal armies -
--2 kings -
--13 agents -
-And over 100 unconfirmed kills -

====>john grab your boomstick

you grab your boomstick and equip them to your strife specibus and your wrench and your knife

-shotgun kind

-wrench kind

-dagger kind

====>be terezi
you are now terezi
you approach his hide out it smelled like...cherries witch ment one thing he's killed someone new

====>john see terezi


====>john pull a assassin creed black flag
you pull a acbf by shooting a chain and a you grab on as you quickly descended down ward

====>Terezi strife

//time skip//

You lead john into a obvious trap and he sets it off and it was amazing. 3 high powered magnets popped up and and blasted with it but it seemed inhumane the way its hurts it was tearing him apart but the weird thing is that he started laughing as his body glitches about from the magnet when the power was your commanding officer

Terezi: WH4T TH3 H3LL

C/o: we need him alive

Terezi: WHY

C/o:we need his skills

Terezi: STILL


john: so why haven't you shot me in the back of the head

C/O: we need you alive

John: fine

//time skip// -

====>be john

wow they had you chained down with a magnetic field for good measure

C/O: I have a deal for you, you work for us we

John: hey how about you take your little deal and go fuck your self with it

C/O: fine then the hard way

//Time skip//

After 8 straight days of torture he finally agreed and me and you where paired together

I drive to a ice cream shop

Terezi: why 4r3 w3 h3r3

John: ammo, guns, mint chocolate chip

Terezi: wh4t

John: you'll see~~

Rules: you are terez
This is a au where humans and trolls live together
This is a very very slow love role play

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Profiles are as follows
Name: Mia Dark
Age: 20
Sexuality: Lesbian
Race: Fallen Angel.
Likes: roughness, being slapped, spanked, fingered, abused, possible rape.
Dislikes: toys
master or slave: slave
Slave's worth: $5000
The rest is up to you
Vagina width: 4Cm
Vagina depth: 3in.
Please post a picture..
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Name: Wolfia
Age: 15
Likes: Candy, mortals, and animals, and love
Dislikes: Violence, angry mobs, and having her ears or tail pulled.
Sexuality: straight
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Likes: Candy, mortals, and animals, and love
Dislikes: Violence, angry mobs, and having her ears or tail pulled.
Today was my favourite holiday. Valentine's day. I loved the love spreading around. Especially since I knew Cupid's daughter personally. When I was younger I would turn into my wolf form and Cupid's daughter: Silver: would come play with me. And every Valentine's day she'd take me with her and her father to go spread love. But this year instead of helping her spread love I wanted her to help me find love. Hybrids like me can only find love with other hybrids but I wanted to love a mortal. There was this one guy in perticular I wanted to get to love me. His name was John. But you went to a school filled with mortals. I would always climb the tree closest enough so I could see you but far back enough where you wouldn't see me. But when day when you were walking home you spotted me. I ran as fast as I could away from you, but you followed me into the woods. As I stopped for air you were closely behind. (to be continued)
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