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Bamse&BallerinaFanatic 2017

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Lincoln Loud Grounds Caillou and Gets Ungrounded 

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I did not have them becuz I did not have this game
Incineroar is my #2 buffed Up boyfriend
So guys, which Pokémons were in your Pokémon team on Pokémon Sun & Moon?

Me: Mines were Incineroar, Wishiwashi, Mangezone, Exuggator, Toucannon, and Solgaleo.

i will show you my very large biceps!
shows you all the very large biceps

Guys, I'm closing my account. Why? Because I don't like everything, and now, +Gavin Goad​ hates me now, Almir Velovic hates me, +InezThomas&SkylerHawkinsAreAwesome Est 2003​ hates me, +TR3X PR0DÚCTÍ0NS​ hates me, I'm now leaving. +Gavin Goad​: Run away, never return.
+TR3X PR0DÚCTÍ0NS​: Yeah go fuck yourself!
+InezThomas&SkylerHawkinsAreAwesome Est 2003​: Have fun getting drunk!

JUST SHUT UP! Runs away crying

My heart has broken Since +InezThomas&SkylerHawkinsAreAwesome Est 2003​ "Madison farr" banned me from Jack and Callie FANS UNITE. 

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