I'm in.

Hey everyone, I'm right here.

I'm leaving this group!

That’s it I’m leaving the community forever!

Alex Handro Gets In Dead Meat

Bonnie Delvia:OK Class Today Is A Behavior Card Day
30 Cards Are Good Or Bad Or Nothing Happens Here Are Your Cards
EverestAndPinchFTWEvilEverestSucks EQTC EFAC: Yes I Got A Purple
Bonnie Delvia: Great Job Go To The Office
Brendan Barney: Yay I Got A Silver Card
Bonnie Delvia: Awesome Brendan Barney
Samster5677:Alright I Got A Pink Card
Bonnie Delvia: Yes You May
Bruce Savana: Awesome I Got A Blue Card
Bonnie Delvia: Great Job Bruce You May Go
Caillou:Yes I Got A Bronze Card
Bonnie Delvia: Awesome You Can Go
Emmit:Everything Is Awesome I Got A Orange Card
Bonnie Delvia: Great Job Emmit
Noddy:I Got A Maroon Card
Bonnie Delvia: Yes Noddy You Can Go
Edouard Snootie: I Got White
Bonnie Delvia: OK You Can Go
Mayor Humdinger:Oh God I Got Green
Bonnie Delvia:I'm Sorry Mayor Humdinger You Can Believe Not The Detention Just Got The Talk
Francis (Rupert):Oh No I Got Yellow
Bonnie Delvia: I'm So Sorry Go Home
Boris The Teeth:WHAT I GOT A Scamp Card
Bonnie Delvia:That's Right You Go To Detention
Hellbent:What I Got A Blood Card
Bonnie Delvia: You Stupid Red Boy
Diesel 10:Hey I Got A Storm Card
Bonnie Delvia: Diesel 10 Don't Smack Them Faces
Cajin Fox:No Fair I Got A Blog Card
Ms Delvia: You Are Kidding Me
KATZ:Dang It I Got A Metal Card
Ms Delvia:Thank You For Getting Courage Expelled
Dora:Oh No I Got A Gray Card
Ms Delvia:Your Suspended For 5 Days
Go To The Principal's Office
Marcusouper: Uh Oh I Got A Fire Card
Ms Delvia:Your Suspended For 10 Days
Rosie:Nooooo I Got A Water Card
Ms Delvia: Your Suspended For 15 Days
Ray Stappard: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO I Got A Brown
Ms Delvia:Your Suspended For 20 Days
Alex Handro:Oh No I Got A Black Card
Ms Delvia:Your Been A Worst Student Ever

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