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Yay! Congratulations to MCG on an incredible Kickstarter, and thanks to all you Seekers who have been uncovering mysteries together so far.

This is an an amazing community, and I'm planning to transition us into a game community. (Of course, I'm hoping we'll have many more mysteries to solve together along the way.) In the coming weeks I'll be reorganizing the sections of the group to be more relevant for post-Kickstarter needs. In the meantime, don't forget we have Zero's as a place for finding groups, especially if you're looking for someone to playtest with.

See you all at Zero's!

We Begin at the End Question: Iver has "1 spells" for set-up.
Anyone know what that means?

Hello All Seekers,
Does anyone have a copy of the stat pool sheets in standard 11x8.5 format that they can share?
Thank you!

Hi I have a question: I need help coming up with things that a geotic could summon. Outside of demons from the red and dark, angels, and dreams from the blue what other kinds of things does anyone have examples of? I had a player ask what could be something specific from the indigo the other day and I was having trouble coming up with something other then ghosts that haunt part of Satyrine. Anyone have any other ideas?

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Hello vislae. I've started an invisible sun focused on homebrew game material, of which there is a shortage due to Invisible Sun's niche appeal. I hope to eventually post my custom spells, Fortes, Orders, and the like. To kick things off I wrote a little companion game to Invisible Sun where you play as nons. Your dreams of playing an elderbrin or lacuna character can finally be realized!

Not sure if anyone here has played Chris McDowall's excellent "Into the Odd" or the new version "Electric Bastionland," but this game basically uses the die mechanics from that. Character gen takes 5 minutes, and combat is extremely swift.

Let me know what you'd like to see on the blog!
Non's Day Out
Non's Day Out

Anybody in the Fairbanks, AK area who is interested in IS?
Or near AKST.
GM with a black cube.

Anyway to get a link to the discord server? I just got my black cube in today and have been combing the books. Finding little secrets everywhere. Looking to gather some insight.

Hello Vislae,

we are starting a guided campaign and i am playing as an eremitic galant of the order of Makers who listens to whispers.

I have questions about crafts : more specifically skills, I want to be both a tailor ( who make suits ) and a gunsmith . what kind of craft skills should i go for ?

More material oriented like metalworking, wood working and such.

Or more theme oriented like gunsmithing, and tailoring ? if i pick the later could i make suit out of wood ?

If i pick wood working could i make anything out of wood ? even an automaton ? Should i pick one or two skills for crafting ? is it better to do a lot of things or be specialized ?

I know this is a lot of questions and i thank in advance any who takes the time to answer some of them.

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Random rule musings:
As far as I’ve seen (and feel free to correct me with a page number) there are no explicit rules for fall damage RAW. I suppose the Invisible Sun way to go about it would be to assign any given fall a level and have it do that much damage, but fall heights aren’t mentioned anywhere on the effects by level table, and I personally want a system that makes falling from height more realistic than in Marvel movies. Basically my solution is: take 1 damage/injury for every 5’ fallen, but at 30’ this switches directly over to 3 wounds, with an additional wound for every additional 10’ fallen. This is meant to roughly represent acceleration, and how falls get exponentially more dangerous and then plateau. Mundane armor does not apply to damage that comes as wounds directly (as normal). Characters are typically permitted a save for half damage with movement bene and relevant skills (gymnastics, etc) applicable. This represents luck or technique allowing a character to roll with the impact. Play testing needed.

Random trivia:
If you’re wondering, it takes roughly 12 seconds for a falling human to reach terminal velocity (ignoring a bunch of variables that can shift this) which equates to falling from a starting height of 1,500 ft. Above that, a fall from any low atmosphere height is basically equally deadly.

This link influenced much of my thinking:

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Hi all!

I’m streaming an Invisible Sun “holiday special” oneshot in a few hours, 1–5pm Pacific.

It’s a part of Web DM’s Community Charity Game event, benefiting Trans Lifeline and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Stop in if you’re free!

The game is (loosely) based on (a Surreal interpretation of) Nutcracker and Mouse-King, the 1816 short story by ETA Hoffmann.
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