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adbLink v 3.6 released

/sdcard, /data/local/tmp, & /storage
added to presets for file manager

Activity indicator for local restores
now properly resets when job is done.

File manager checks that preset
or ad hoc path exists prior to
directory change via go button.

Android Debug Bridge updated
Version 1.0.39 - 0.0.1-4500957

File manager updated to work with
adb v1.0.39

Fastboot updated
Version 0.0.1-4500957

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+Jocala my big bro! Look this last update is crashing the app in winXP

Hi Jocala its been a while since I've asked for help here
anyhow heres my issue im having using latest version of adblink running on high sierra. when trying to use the restore function to update spmc on ftv no sdcard shows in the window when I click restore so I can't restore.
all I have been able to is install from apk.
is there an issue that I am unaware of?

Hi Jocala,
I want to add an edited keymaps but can't see where to do it, I'm sure in a previous version there was a button to do it ? The path im looking to get to is


I've tried file manager but it wont let me edit from there ?

Hello Forum, is it common for the progress meter to continuously repeat itself over and over again when performing a backup to a new AFTV. I'm wondering weather or not waiting over an hour to complete the process is norml. Should i wait no matter how long it takes?

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New video: Cloning Desktop Kodi (Windows/Mac/Linux) to an Android device.

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New video: Adding, editing and deleting adbLink device records.

Hello, I wanted to ask about an issue I ran into. I am trying to copy a zip file to AFTV using adbLink. I selected File Manager and push. It shows a progress bar that reaches 100% and then restarts at 1%. It does this every time. Any idea how I can successfully copy over a zip file? Your help is appreciated!

Hi I'm unable to connect to my fire stick using the IP. Tried a bunch of different things, ping and netcat on 5555 succeed. Not sure what the deal is.

Error: "Can't connect to <my IP>

Ubuntu 16.04

I am having a rotten time connecting the firestick to my win 7 laptop via USB ....I got the winUSB drivers loaded for adbLink , but I am trying to figure out why the computer keeps disconnecting and connecting over and over, in an endless loop :(
I tried all the different USB ports and it still happens...... has anybody had issues like this where the computer keeps dropping the USB connection?.... I can connect over my local network...but doing a backup or restore with adbLink takes 25 plus minutes to backup kodi... how do I keep the USB connection from dropping?
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