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+Gamer Kitten listen up, you need to STOP! like come on! you ALWAYS tell people to kill their self!! and when i gave you some nice advice on your art, YOU SAID YOU WOULD COPYRIGHT STRIKE ME!!

+Beeramv X-x +Class Atlas +Christion Ross +Dobby The clumbsy//hagrid\\ Gay Fluffy Elf +Ayy Lmao +Galaxy_Child Antihater foxy has become one of the most vilified figures on G+. He has a reputation of an art-stealer, a retarded baiter, and a bully. I seriously don’t understand how he manages to create a hundred comment shitstorm in every post of his, he promotes hate against certain races and meat eaters, which is best dealt by not reacting, he posts stupid things, which is obviously bait for attention, he steals art, which is solved by posting the original source then reporting, and he bullies people, which he does to get a reaction out of. The best thing we can do is to warn everybody getting baited by him, copy this message, and block him. If we silence ourselves instead of silencing him by reports, we can destroy his ego and manage to get him to stop baiting, because he is effectively shadow banned because nobody listens to him. Stop feeding the trolls. Let’s wipe this failed abortion out of history. Please share this message around with your friends.

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Meet Gamer Kitten The Asshole
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reshare, like and comment "agreed!!" if you are against cyberbullies!!!

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-_- Lemme tell you all a story I call. The #&#@. One day I got a message on hangout from SOMEBODY! This SOMEBODY invited me to a chat WITH SOMEONE ELSE I DIDNT LIKE! I say I didn't like this person. TRYING TO HINT IT OUT I left the chat a few times and kept getting reinvited. These motherfu- I mean people decided among them reta- selves.too start sending hate comments. After a while I got very VERY VERY ∞ ( that's a infi emoji ) annoyed. I out of anger said some things I shouldn't. But let me tell you this is very funny trust me I didn't give a flying fuck WHAT SO EVER! Trust me its get more retarded if you see the actually text . The old pictures I cannot find for some reason. So I used the ones from the video and other hangout explaining shit. IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY YOU XAN CLEARLY SEE I LEFT AND KEPT GETTING INVITED BACK! It is now for this reason , I hold a huge grudge. This is past but still present I don't forgive I never forget.
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Now here is a story on Minecraft that happened this past week. This guy named Chopper2112 (On YT He is "TheChopperCrew") has hurt my feelings very badly. What he said was "All you have done Oceania, is make other's lives worse" and he said to my friends, "Oceania doesnt even act her age. She acts like she is four" I was shocked to hear this. Later last week he said to my friend Mike (michaelmike06 or thunder_mike), "You know nothing about Minecraft and Redstone." Now, Mike is EXCELLENT at redstone, he can make redstone doors! Well, if anyone can, copy-right strike TheChopperCrew, and report Chopper2112 to the Minecraft Forum.


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