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This is a quest I am developing inside of the sinespace virtual world for a demo at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in San Antonio, Texas. Stop by either for the Game Night LAN Party on Monday night (6/26) or the Virtual Environments Network (VEN) Playground on Tuesday (6/27) to learn more and play!
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Just finalized embroidery for shirts to use when I provide sinespace virtual worlds ( demos at the International Society for Technology in Education 2017 conference in San Antonio, Texas. I will be helping with the Game Night and LAN Party on June 26 and the Virtual Environments Network Playground session on June 27. This annual ISTE conference attracts over 18,000 attendees and industry representatives, including teachers, technology coordinators, administrators, library media specialists, teacher educators, and policymakers.
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I just imported Sporty Granny into the multi-creator Space virtual world. She will be used in a Nature Quest which I am developing for the Game Night LAN Party and VEN Playground at ISTE 2017 conference in San Antonio, Texas during the last week of June.

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EDUCATORS...on Tuesday (May 16th) at 8 pm EDT, we will be providing a tour behind the scenes of the "Space" virtual world platform as part of this month's ISTE VEN (International Society for Technology in Education's Virtual Environments Network) focus sessions:
For more information on Space, see:

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Would you like to have 3 free regions for life in the Space virtual world?

Based on the Unity game engine, Space is growing fast in capabilities and content. Just refer 3 creatives who upload their content (regions or marketplace items) to the live server and get your 3 regions for free. Check out the details soon so you don't miss out:

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accepting applications for international MA on New Media Arts. (significant section on archiving and preservation issues)

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Anyone tried doing Minecraft in Second Life? I just ran across a free item on the SL Marketplace called second Craft), which looks pretty cool. You can get a copy of version 2 at:

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The deadline for article submissions for the Virtual Education Journal (VEJ) has been extended to June 15, 2016. The theme for the summer issue of VEJ to be released at ISTE16 in Denver is “Past, Present, and Future.”

In addition, please send your memories and fondest pics for a tribute to Matt Poole, aka Cyrus Hush by June 15, 2016 as well.

Send articles and memories of Matt to and put VEJ in subject line. For more information about VEJ and submissions please visit

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If you are interested please join ISTE onTuesday, May 24 at 8 pm ET
EduMachinima in AvaCon Grid in OpenSim
Crowdsourcing Videos with Gridjumper (Tanya Martin)
Here's a fun vid of past crowdsourced video for ISTE
I Wanna Be A Machinima Star
Can you identify the avies and the worlds in this video?

Getting to Avacon
If you already have an account on an OpenSim grid, log into your home grid, and hypergrid by entering this URL into your map (does not work from SL, must be on an OpenSim grid).

If you do not have an account at an OpenSim grid, you can create an account for the AvaCon grid. Go to:  (Please do this before the day of the machinima event to give us time to approve your account.)

Once on the AvaCon grid, open the map and look for the region called "Community." You will teleport into a central hub on the region. We will try to have a landmark giver at that location, or you can easily fly over to our parcel (we'll be the green dots on the map.)
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