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Name: viper
Age: unknown
Race: shape-shifter
Gender: both
Loves: love, boys and ying and yang
Hate: op characters, bullies and parent's
Strength: lust
Weaknesses: all stranded elements (fire, water, earth and air)
Kingdom: none

Background: viper was born in hell but raised in heaven. God (her father) didn't want Satan (her uncle) to take care of her because of the darkness that he put inside her.....god Wanted the best for viper.....god decided to put glory inside her as well......then he realized....wat if she was made the light and darkness equal.....then he decided to turn them both into viper's sprint guides.......when viper was 3 (300) years old....god and Satan give her the abilities to shape-shift and travel to different universes......god and Satan argued about viper's either be an guidance to humans....or a god...viper wanted neither....she wanted to travel......god and Satan is when here her story begins.

Anyone live in the saint Petersburg FL area?

hi, so dose anyone live around the Mill City, Salem OR

Hello everyone! ^-^ I apologize for the wait, I have been buuuusssyyyyy. How many furs live in kitsap county? (Washington state)

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If anyone here lives in the kitsap lake area, anywhere around bremerton (Washington) I am planning to host a furry potluck! I'm thinking $5 admission and you can wear fursuits or just come to be social. Bring your own food plz.
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