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you have to ask to join like this:
Elemental iner animal(what animal can you turn into)

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Name: Alex Townsend 
Age: 14 
Gender: Male 
Inner Animal: Dragon 
Element: Lightning, Fire, Earth, Ice 
Weapon of Choice: Chain Whip

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Name: Paris
Age: 12 (but in older form like Lloyd)
Element: Energy
Pets: None
Inner Animal: Energy Dragon

Name: Lauren

Element: dark magic

Pet: wolf

Inner animal: purple and black dragon

Name: Silver
Element: Shadows
Pets: a dog named Rufus and dragon of shadows
Elemental animal: Black Panther

(Open rp)
sitting in a tree

Fighting serpentine (open rp)

Can we do rps +Elemental Animals

Name: Spark
Element: Lightning
Pet: Blue Dragon of lighting

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