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Wecome to the Rp^^
Here u can Rp whatever u like!
Sad: like u find a hurt dog on the stree
Happy: ur bday
Love: u fall in love
Drama: someone gets killed
And other!

My rules are
1:u must have fun!
2:No sex rps
3:no bulling unless its in the rp
4: dont SCAM (this is the biggest ones! if u brake this one,u will be baned for a week(im being nice^^) if u do it again two weeks. If its a threesome ur banded.

Have fun here Rping as much as u want!!!😊

You're having a stroll through the park and you see an umbreon that's been chained to a pole and you see that it's been muzzled and it's also in a straight jacket. It's also inside of a really big cage with a sign on the front that says "DO NOT FEED OR RELEASE"

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You we're walking down the streets when you saw Meowth spying on Denise when she's on the phone talking about Lu while Meowth thinks she's talking about him

I'm an umbreon that's walking through the forest and as I'm walking, a metal van pulls up next to me and a group of men in fatigues jump out and stick a bunch of needles in me and tie my legs together. I have a muzzle put on me as I'm being put into the van. The van begins to drive off.

You're just leaving the mall and you come across a poster taped onto the pole of a street light. You read the poster and you see that it's an that had been placed by a haxaros looking for someone to babysit her young. The poster has the location and details

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You're having a walk through the woods and you can hear crying coming from nearby, you can also hear some people laughing as you follow the sound. As once you get there you're met with the sight of three people, two men and a woman and you see a fennekin gagged and it's legs tied together and you hear the woman say "Aww, he sure looks cute all helpless and tied up like that"
Then a man says "You should tighten those ropes so he can't break free, it looks even better when the ropes are hurting him"

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You see that this eevee dropped her ice cream and is sad

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Sad/Action/Creepy RP

Heavy Decide to take Solder,Scout and me to the forest at night

(We got out in the Car)

Me:Heavy...are you sure is a good idea...its very Dark and so creepy 😯

Heavy:Dont Worry Little Hedgehog..We will be safe

Scout:HA...I never afraid in the Dark...its like moving around here in peace

Solder:Of Course you are afraid with the Dark You MAGGOT!

Scout:No im not 😑

Solder:Then lets go find the way tu build a Housy thing!

Me:A What?

Solder Walks

We have build a housy thing that i forgot the name...then we collect all the Wood and turn on the fire and Tell the Spooky Story

Heavy:Who will Start first!

Scout:Me ME!

Heavy:Alright Scout...lets see what you got πŸ˜†

Scout:Long time ago...There was a Children name Jonny who it was walking around the forest...He was alone with no family and Friends....He have Found a misterious was White with the Perfect Suits..and then he was so close to jonny and BOOOO!!

Me:AHHHHH!!😨😨😨😨 Hide behind Heavy

Heavy:Whats a matter with you Warrior Sonic?

Scout: Laughs

Solder:You got a Spider in your head Scout

Scout:WHAT!! (Get up an hit himself)


Scout:Hey..thats not Funny Solder!!😑😑😑😑

Solder:i like scarying people πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Heavy:We should Sleep right now...thomorrow we will explore

Me:Agree 😊

Scout:Sounds Good to me

Solder:Yeah sure Whatever men

We enter in the Housy and we sleep


i hear the noise and i wake up

Me:Uhhhh Now what? (Go outside) I hear something very Strange.... (see a Page) Huh?
(Grab a Page) What is this? 😯 (Go inside)

meanwhile with Slender

Slender man: See a Housy and Walk

back to us

Me:I wonder what is that Means? (i hear something) Mmm? (Go outside and i saw Slender man) AHHHH!!! (Go inside again)

Slender man:(hide)


They all Wake up

Heavy:Whats a matter with you?

Me:I saw a creature!! 😒😒😒

Solder:A Creature?! (Go Outside)

Scout:Maybe he saw...a Fantasy creature πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Heavy:Scout! Shhh! (See a page)What is this Sonic?

Me:I dont know..i saw it in the floor 😯

with Solder

Solder:(pointing with the Shot Gun) Come on who ever it is you cannot hide Coward!

its a bunny

Solder:(sigh) Just a..

Slender man:(Appears behind with Solder)

Solder:(Look behind)AHHHH!! (Shoot)

Heavy:What was that?

(Heavy Grab a minigun)

(Scout grab a Shot Gun)


We have Found Solder but He is dead

Me:😲Oh no Solder!

Heavy:How could this Happend?!

Scout:What the Hell is going on?! (Points)

Me: (nervious) This is not good!

the fire is off

Scout:Crap!.......We have to move Quick Guys

Heavy:Very Well...Warrior..lets go!

Me:Alright! (See Solder) Im sorry Solder 😒

We move to go in the car but is destroy

Heavy:Wait What?!

Me:Now your Car is destroy?!

Scout:Guess we have to...

Slender man appears in Front of us

Me,Heavy and Scout:AHHHH!!!

Heavy and Scout Shoot

Slender man:(invisible)

Heavy:Where did he go?!

Scout:I dont know but hey (Found another page)

Me:Wait..this page looks preety Diferent.. (see mine)


Heavy:it means...

Me:There is gotta me more pages

Heavy:Then lets go!

Scout:And Doing Quick!!

Me:Exacly Scout

7 minutes later we found all the pages

Scout:I got it!

Me:Yeah...wait..where is Heavy?

we hear Heavy shooting and Screaming

Me:Heavy! (Run fast)

Scout:Sonic wait up!😯

Heavy is dead

Me:Oh no not Heavy!πŸ˜“

Scout:Ah Crap..

slender behind me

Scout:Sonic look out!!! (Shoot)


Slender man:(Invisible and behind with Scout)

Me:Not in my Watch!😑 (Run at Slender)

Slender man:(He punch me and Kill Scout)

Scout:Ahhh!! dead

Me:😱😱😱😱😱 Scout!! (See slender...i grab a Gun and kill Slender)

Slender man: Dead

Me:This is what you get you monster!!

i got out in the Forest sad

Me:I Cant Belive Scout,Heavy and Solder has DieπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” (Start to Cry) Im Sorry....Im So Sorry

I Walk in long way alone
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Spy:Is this Pokemon Go?

Sniper:No thats Pokemon Super Go

Spy: ...ο»Ώ

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Foxxie: Im scared +Cooingluigimario 3894​.... I dont wanna get caught by Mama....
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