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Alright, hello I am the thing that looks like scourge and this is my own orginal project. This is the characters that's going to be in it
Pani (Voice :shy, deep and curious Voice) :
Bok choy (Voice: Creepy, cute and a bit Out of this world):
Radetz (Curious, a bit immature):
Dara(Smart, collective, hotheaded and mature):

I am looking for these people
Concept artists:
Set artist:
Storyboard writers: me,
Voice actors:
2d animators:
and etc
(Shall edit when people get the job)

Rules: No bullying
No fighting
No hate on this community
And have fun

You know I've been going at this project all wrong.

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Well after this being dead for a few months. I decided to get back into this. Why? No clue, anyways I've made a couple of Plant people while I was working on other things like the sonic comic also
Let's be honest I don't know the first thing about managing at this level especially online. So I got to work on that.
+Lady Maria​​
+Dillon the Hedgehog and Stream the Fox​​
+Kayleigh Benedict​​ (Oh yeah Kayleigh I have your picture. Sorry it took so long)
I choose you guys because I need someone to read over my script.


Whelp now to being this thing back from the dead.


Whoa I have not been here in a long time. I seriously need to get rolling again. So I discussed the story with my collague +your soul​. A friend of mine.

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Radetz Concept

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walking babbeh ploon
Animated Photo

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Stuff on the Pani project. Me and my friend

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So how I got the idea of this project. Was from this book I did for a school project I got interested on this idea and decided to expand on it more.
I made more characters, more set up, Gabe characters a backstory and personality also changed the enemy.
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