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catch this talk with Brandon Maddox

I will be posting sections of my book once it's ready.

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In order to build credible leaders, we must:

1. Give them a chance. People cannot try to be a leader unless someone gives them a chance. I think in order to build confidence in people, we have to give them a chance to prove themselves.

2. Know that they will make mistakes. Know that most people will learn from their mistakes. Do not downgrade them for making a mistake.

3. Encourage them.

4. Support them. If you truly want to become a powerful leader, support those that support you. Do not ignore your employees, fans and friends.

5. Be consistent. If you start doing something, don't stop. Say you will be somewhere and be there. Say you will do something and then do it. I love opportunities to build credibility.

6. Connect on as many platforms as possible.

7. Get to know your employees, friends and fans on a personal level. Ask questions and start polls.

8. Treat your friends, employees and fans once in a while. Surprise them!

9. Compliment your friends, family and fans.
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