Hey history buffs: If I were to set a campaign of LotFP in the early or mid 1700s, are there any major changes to the equipment list you think I should make? The firearms section of the rulebook gets into the changing technology of the Early Modern Era a little bit, but I wonder if there's anything outside of guns and armor I should keep in mind.

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Check out my blog :) I just started it up, so be nice! Or don't... rip me a new one lol. Thanks everyone! Hope to hear from everyone. You dirty bastards!

Has anyone made an extension for Lamentations on fantasy grounds?

Are there any tv series (no movies) that are good inspirations for Lamentations of the Flame Princess?
That catch the tone, horroe, weirdness and possibly set in the early modern era?

Ok someone on a Facebook group asked to describe our favorite system and/or setting in the worst way possible.

My entry is:
Yet another remake of a old game played by our parents but full of gratuitous blood and gore and bad words and more deadly just to make it edgier.

Can you do better (or worse)? 😎

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Got this today & its a beautiful book
Loving this
V.o.t.E is next on my list
Looking forward to that one as well.

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Has anyone out there given this a shot? Is anyone considering it? Are there any interesting implications to this system that I might have missed?


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"Pocketmod LotFP" part 2
Searching this two words on the all-knowing God Google I found this ancient post by +Patrick Stuart about the Worlds Smallest Players Handbook: a stripped down pocketmod version of the LotFP rulebook... without download link.
I reached him but he told me he lost the file.
Therefore I'm asking you people: do any of you still has it somewhere saved on his hard disk?

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Sirenswail and The Hateful Place are for sale here, for those who might be interested....

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Searching on the Google this words: "pocketmod LotFP"
Found this great pockemod character sheet.
I don't know if the author is on G+ but I compliment his work!
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