Hello Ladies!

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Hello all, I am a Web Developer looking to transition to Web Software Engineering, the difference between these two roles in my opinion is, innovating and building solutions from the ground up.

My hope to work on projects that can support positive change in the world and also find a great job so that I can support my little family and live comfortably in the Los Angeles area.

I honestly feel like this is a fresh start with a fresh mindset. I am happy to be starting this new journey, with a new programming language and with a new community of PyLadies!

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Hello , how should I start here since I got no local meetup near me ?

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Hi Ladies, I'm Agnes from Abuja, Nigeria. So glad to be here.

Hello everyone!
I am new to programming and for this community too, I started loving programming bcoz we can make something different just even for fun.. hoping this community will help me to enhance my programming skills.

Hello everyone! I'm new to Python and programming as a whole. I've been self studying via codecademy and am wanting to further learn.

Hey ladies! I’m new here, trying to get connected, & hoping to get some beta on which platforms (google+, slack, irc, Twitter) people find the most valuable/active in their area. I don’t see a ton of consistent activity on the global channels & am not sure which apps encourage the most community engagement. Any feedback/direction is appreciated!

Hi PyLadies world wide!

I am an aspiring developer based in Berlin. I left my job as a coffee roaster last year to study programming full time. I have been on a course doing mainly JS and PHP but I really love python so I spend my free time studying it.

I also recently became a co-organiser for pyladies Berlin to help support the amazing community we have here. If your coming over our way for a visit be sure to ping me a message!
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