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Ursula Mead

Discussion  - 
Love this!
These startups are working to leverage technology to level the playing field for minorities and women in tech.
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Kata: Robolectric Integration

Saw this in +Corey Leigh Latislaw​'s newsletter this week. Does anyone use Katas? Have you seen Corey's chapter "Hello Robolectric” of the Android Activity Book? See the beta version here.
#womentechmakers #robolectric
A coding kata is a way to practice something to get better at it — just like the karate counterpart. I also use katas to get familiar with new tools and approaches.

In Android, it’s difficult to get started with TDD because JUnit isn’t supported natively in the JVM. Robolectric gets around this restriction, but must be configured each time.


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PSF currently have two calendars in place, Python Events Calendar - meant for conferences and larger gatherings focusing on Python or a related technology , Python User Group Calendar - meant for user group events and other smaller local events. Check the calender for events nearby or update it.
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Hi everyone,
I've been programming in Python for about 6 years now, I consider my skill as  'intermediate' level.  I would like to learn more advanced topics such as metaclasses. Does anyone have some recommendations on good books for learning advanced python?

Kinds Regards,
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Hah, I'll trawl for books.  FWIW, I found a good blog post on the subject of metaclasses. It;s an old post but I found it enlightening: http://eli.thegreenplace.net/2011/08/14/python-metaclasses-by-example/ It's a class factory!?
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I'm working on my first django project. Does anyone have a tip for keeping field data posts across multiple pages? I don't want a dynamic form, I don't want to use the form wizard and have them all get evaluated at the same time, what I want is to have View A to post data to View B, and then have View C able to use data from View A and View B.  Most of the tips I've found online concern get.POST.getlist, which either returns an empty list of None (for me). The only solution I've been able to come up with is putting the form from View A on View B and using data=request.POST so the old data gets filled into the fields, which works, but is hideous. Any tips? I've been working on this stupid detail for 2 days now. I also added the local memory cache and session middleware in the settings, but all that seems to do is make me have to restart everything any time I change anything... Going a little nuts here. Anyway, any suggestions are appreciated.
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assuming you are using FormView's and what you are saying, in the form_valid method of each view, I would store the cleaned_data of the form inside the session ( request.session['formA']=form.cleaned_data )
After which your data will be available from any of the following views.
Don't forget to cleanup the session once the data has been used.

Hope this helps
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Hi girls. If somebody of you can help me with this question, I will be grateful 


Thanks for your orientation and my apologies for the inconvenience
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Anna, thanks, it's tue, you got reason, I haven't specify that my albums model as convert_to_south and after add the SlugField and perform the changes with schemamigration. My SlugField already reflected on database. https://cloudup.com/i1ob_YztDur 
I not understood some thing.
Why, when I apply 
./manage.py schemamigration albums --auto  command
I should specify some value?

View the command and your effect in this image url https://cloudup.com/iP_69ufodS0 

This is because the SLugField is not accept null values?  
The first data on my database (data already entered) will stay with value of "1" such as I see on the database?  https://cloudup.com/i1ob_YztDur

Thanks very much for your support :)
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TransTech Social


Un- or under-employment. Harassment and violence. Suicide. These were the sobering things I considered as I prepared to transition, the risks that I run as a transgender person in our society. And as frightening as those things were and are for me, they are orders of magnitude worse for trans people who are young, who are people of color, who are female, and/or who lack access to education, job skills, and employment.

The statistics are grim, to say the least - according to the Gay and Lesbian Task force:

•15% of the sample population earns less than $10K per year (an additional 21% earns less than $20K)

• 78% of transgender Americans faced severe harassment during childhood

• 41% had attempted suicide, compared to the general population, where only 1.6% have attempted suicide

That is why I want you to know about Trans Tech, a tech skills training academy focussing on trans people. I'm currently on their advisory board and their 15k in 15 Days Committee, and today is my day. My goal is to help raise at least $1,000 to help launch their new program to address unemployment in the transgender community.

The TransTech Apprenticeship is meant to equip people with skills for Graphic Design and Web Coding, while they work on real life paid projects. It's a win-win - the students get experience and build a work portfolio, while members of the community can access their services at very reasonable rates. And any profits go back to support the program.

So yes, I’m asking you to donate to this cause, and to share this campaign in your networks. The tech world has been good to me, so I want other trans folk to get a start in it as well. I hope you feel the same.

Please check out our funding page - http://igg.me/at/transtechsocial/x, which has a video (featuring me!) that explains the project a bit more. And for even more information, please visit http://transtechsocial.org or ping me.

And then please donate and share.

Thank you,
Naomi Ceder
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Hey Pyladies, any recommendations for learning how to create a database w/ python? I'm new, have only completed the Coursera MOOC Programming 4 Everyone, and am now I'm working my way through the EdX intro to programming w/ python, as well as Codecademy (about 70% done). I feel like I'm almost ready to stop doing exercises and start tinkering with my own project, but I'm sure that my project will require a database, which I know nothing about.
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Perfect. Thank you!
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Being at home out of the office and designing a workshop for a talk...
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I love this book more every time I play with it. That's my theme for the day. Learning to program is playing with the code, especially at first. There may be days when you want to tear your hair out, but today just have fun playing with the magic book! :)
The book How to Think Like a Computer Scientist was originally written by Allen B. Downey for a JAVA course he was teaching. He states in the following article, "I had taught it three times and I was getting frustrated. The f...
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About this community

We are a group of women developers worldwide who love the Python programming language. We write code by day or night. Some of us hack on Python projects on the side, while others work full-time on Python development. But it doesn't matter. We all just like writing Python code, and that's what brings us together. This community is for both PyLadies and PyGents!

Ursula Mead

Discussion  - 
Women navigating tech culture’s choppy waters can use all the help they can get. Sites connecting women and other equally novel configurations of not-straight-white-dudes within the tech industry can feel few and far between, so it’s worth promoting what we’ve got to work with. 
Can data translate into social change? We certainly hope so.
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Ursula Mead

Discussion  - 
A Path Forward that Starts with "M" and Isn't Mentorship

Getting women to enter tech is important, but so is understanding and improving the environment they're entering. We're asking women to rate the companies they work for on the metrics that matter to them. We're turning those ratings into scorecards -- Measurement -- that bring transparency and accountability to our key issues, and create real change in companies driven by the women who work there. We don't make money on this -- we just believe it's a better way.

We'd love your help! Check out scores for tech giants like Google, Epic Systems, and Intel. Rate your company. Then pass it on! :)
Share how well your company supports the women who work there. It's anonymous and takes 3 minutes!
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Hi Friends

I'm know about of the django cms platforms, and I ask to you this community in case of someone of you can be orient me about it.

I want build a website with some requirements as multilanguage site, contact forms(include interact with database) between others.

The major section of the site is static information and a beautiful design 

I want use some platform of Django CMS (may be Django-CMS or Wagtail) for exploit the potential of the Django framework and build with Django Framework the tasks related with backend and help me of the Django CMS platform in related to other tasks as a beautiful interface, pages, between others...

Is possible that I'm in the right  if I think use some Django platform and modify (just in case) with Django web framework the site that I want?

In affirmative case ... 
What Django CMS platform do you recommend me?
Currently I'm thinking in explore Wagtail (http://wagtail.io/) or Django-CMS(https://www.django-cms.org/en/

WIth these platformas Can I get templates or themes for the UI and user experience?

I would that somebody of you could will orient me about it

What's so good about Wagtail? Free. Wagtail is open source. We've used the BSD license, which gives you as much freedom as possible. And we're here to support and encourage a community of developers to make Wagtail better and better. Beautiful. Working with your content shouldn't be a grind!
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I saw that mezzanine have templates free [http://thecodinghouse.in/themes/ ] and premium [http://mezzathe.me/ ] Look awesome. 

Someone had been worked in her?
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Joel Burton

Discussion  - 
Hi, all! Hackbright Academy, an all-women (& trans* inclusive) software engineering program is hiring for Instructors and TAs for our Python-centered full-time Fellowship.

Interested in helping advance the goal of getting more women into software engineering? We're a mission-oriented company that teaches a semester long, full-time intensive program on Python-based web development. We've graduated 8 cohorts and hundreds of women.

We're located in downtown SF, and offer competitive salaries and benefits.
Hackbright Academy is a 10-week software development training program exclusively for women. We are based in San Francisco, CA. We train you to be a software developer and then help you find a job in Silicon Valley.
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Hey Joel, is it location-bound?  Can teachings be done remotely?   (If location-bound, let me know about New York opportunities).
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Hi, my name is Andi Douglass with Research on Knowing. I spoke with Pyladies at OSCON about the free Linux Fest Northwest that happens every April. We have sent out our "request for papers" which closes April 30th. The fest is about everything open source, so if you would like to present or to have a birds of a feather session, go to http://linuxfestnorthwest.org and put a description of your session. Thanks.
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Latest Issue of Import Python Weekly Newsletter is out - Issue No 7. You can access the issue from the archive or subscribe here http://importpython.com/newsletter/ 
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Hello Ladies, 
We are looking for Python Programmers at Intel!!
You might me interested in our job: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/jobs/job-search/js2.html?job=736389&src=DS-12704

Don't hesitate to contact me at malgorzata.czyz@intel.com
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Hello everyone! My name is Anna. I'm from Lugansk, Ukraine. 
I admire your knowledge and skills. I understand that you're busy, but I want to be like you and be a programmer in Python and would be very grateful if you share your experiences with me and tell me how to start learning Python. 
Thank you very much!
Anna Rudkovskaya's profile photoreine toutou's profile photo
If you begin with Python, use Versions 3, don't believe the Python2.7 trolls
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I would love to know your thoughts about the discipline of programming and problem solving.
The single most important skill for a computer scientist is problem solving. Problem solving means the ability to formulate problems, think creatively about solutions, and express a solution clearly and accurately. As it turn...
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Metaphors abound.

If the problem is " I need somewhere to put my stuff", it is like woodworking, which ranges from building a simple spice rack, to knocking together the frame of a house, to installing pre-built cabinets, to custom high end cabinet- or box-making. Almost no one is good at the entire range of activities encompassed by "woodworking and carpentry".

Or "I need something to eat", so it is like cooking, which ranges from popping a tv-dinner in the microwave, making a sandwich, baking a cake from a mix, cooking or baking from scratch all the way up to master chefs and their innovative creations.

Programming ranges from the mundane and prosaic to truly inspired acts of creation. Math and writing (indeed nearly every human activity) come to mind as possible metaphors as well. Your particular niche in the huge range of possibilities is something for you to discover.
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