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Hi PyLadies community Friends

My apologies in first instance if this post/question does not belong or can be posted here. Is of some importance for me. Just in case. Here We go...

I've write some #Django #Python question about of Updating multiple models from a form

Is that:

any support is highly grateful

Hi PyLadies, I am a python Developer. I have been working in this field for 2 years now on various projects and I would love to join and promote this community.

Hi pyLadies, I'm new to the community but I've been using Python for three years, but the truth is that I've been learning on the fly and I've fallen in love and learning more every day, as I'm constantly developing against deadlines, it gives me little time to perfect my Techniques. I studied computer science and I love what I do. I hope to have a pleasant experience in this community.

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Convite especial... Venha prestigiar essas profissionais de TI no 4º Encontro Nacional de Mulheres na Tecnologia

I know that this question is based in subjective opinions, but ...
What is your favorite #Django admin tools theme administration? Opinions and considerations will be appreciated :)

Has anyone done a 4-day intensive course to learn Python?  I am starting to realize that I need more than online instruction and might need to have a human teach me.  The course are more than I can afford, but if I am going to make this career change I might need to consider it an investment...right?  Any impute would be appreciated!

Hi Pyladies!  I am exploring the world of Python and starting learning on Code Academy.  Any advice on how to learn programming for someone who has never programmed before?

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Hi Everyone

I have some question In a project I have the need of work with users which are of three (may be more) types of them have different roles: physician patient administrator

I have been thinking use of the Django Model Users and extend it creating a userprofile model ... But I ignore how to manage the different roles because, the userprofile model will have fields of the user model, althought I don't know how to address the roles topic.

1 User have Many userprofiles may be? I don't know

Or may be I will should create a Roles Model/Table in where I specify the roles types and create a relation with the Users Model.

I am a few confuse about of how to address this subject

Searching I found this app.

If somebody can orient me about it, I will be much grateful Best Regards
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