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The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope, never forget that comrades

Hello! I am the Instructional Specialist at Keene ISD, and I am going to be jumping in and teaching a few weeks of 8th Grade US History in order to model instruction for a new teacher. I will also be partnering with this teacher to year end. Since I am not the content expert, I was hoping that this might be a place that I could find some support and resources for instruction. I have broken down the Texas TEKS and we are starting with Colonization. Two questions: how have you found best to teach the vocabulary? and resources/websites to point me in the right direction? All advice and pitfalls I need to be aware of will be very welcomed in my inbox. ;-)

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Focus on primary source instruction ... including a sale on a resource for Monday's ECLIPSE.

I'm currently trying to adopt a Blended Learning approach, but I'm not sure how I should handle my notes. I typically lecture 2 days a week. How have teachers changed this part of their program? 

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I am a huge baseball fan. I am also a proud American and father of two Marines so I love this story.

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Can you trust the media? Probably not, but you can compare and contrast what different media outlets are telling their viewers.

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Top 5 events/topics to teach on WWII in US History: What's on your list?
-Pearl Harbor

Any ideas on how to teach about bleeding Kansas in a way that would be interesting to 7th grade students? Any suggestions are welcome!

Looking to talk about different interpretations of World War II for my APUSH students. Going to use Ambrose, Foner, Zinn, and Patriots History of US (forget authors off the top of my head). Any other historians I should look at for different analyses of the war?

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