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Hello~ I'm new to this community. I hope I get to Rp with you all~

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Alice in the country of hearts role play

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Info in picture below
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Name:Abigail of the east clover kingdom
Dob:August 7
Sword:blue crystal sword
Magic item:Blue necklace
Likes:Adventures and friends
Dislikes:Lord nightmare
Bio:Abigail family has been involved with nightmare deals and tricky games,but as the time has gone by Abigail got tired of begin in the middle of every deal there parents made with nightmare so she promise to stay away from nightmare
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Name: Daniel Voldenheid

Nickname: Verruckt

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: human

Residence: amusement park

Personality: kind, crazy, playful, mischievous, and unpredictable.

Weapons: AKM, FN57, a baseball bat and a karambit knife.

Mask: he wears the god mask from the purge: anarchy.

Clothing: he wears a black hoodie with blue jeans and yellow shoes.

Role: Outsider

Likes: roller coasters, weapons, helping out when he can, antiques and solving riddles

Dislikes: Sauerkraut, people hurting his friends, Merry Go-rounds.

Bio: Born into a foreign family, Daniel had a lot of trouble during his years in America. He was bullied at school due to his foreign background and his last name which is hard to pronounce. His greatest struggle came 13 years after he was born. One year during the purge, a night supported by the government where all crime is legal for 12 hours, his father died from a gunshot by one of his fellow co workers, thus scarring Daniel for life. To make matters worse, his mother died the same day from her boss stabbing her multiple times because he wanted her money. Thus he began purging to track down his family's killers, which he often kills others of wealth and high business standings. On one of his years of purging, he found a mask from a dead body, he took it and painted the tears black so he can strike fear on his enemies and anyone who mess with him or his friends. Years later, he began to believe that purging was not the answer he seeks. Thus he began wondering somehow into Wonderland, where he currently works as a hired gun. He is often helping others to coupe with life and often helps refugees of the annual purge to survive. He is on good terms with Boris, whom he finds quite enjoyable to be around.

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name: Worick .K. flamebrand  
Age: 200
gender: male
Species: human/Dark-stalker
residence : home near the hatters mansion
Role: to help the hatter and Alice
personality: an loyal man and doesn't like to be near loud people and places and to enemies-- scary and to some people heartless
Likes: reading working on his gun and working
dislikes: loud people, his brother and the queen of hearts

bio: against there fathers wishes him and his brother become a duo that ran a shop that helped the people of wonderland but unknown Worick his brother was growing to be more like their father and on one mission they were on his brother shot him 3 times and took something close to him after 1 year Worick found out that his brother had killed their father and taken over their families gang       

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Hi I'm kind I'm 16 and 156lbs 5/6

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Name : Elliot March
Age : 23
Gender : male
Race : Rabbit (though he personally doesn't think so)
Role : Blood's right hand man
Residence : The Hatter's Mansion
Likes : Alice, carrot pastries, Blood, helping others
Dislikes : those who oppose Blood (except Alice), being called a rabbit, carrots
Personality : to enemies--scary, short-tempered, quick, dangerous... to friends--helpful, cheerful, friendly, sensible... to the gatekeepers--irritated
Bio : he destroyed a clock and was put in jail for it, then Blood rescued him. Blood says he'll destroy Elliot's clock when he dies , and now he works for him.
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