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Name: Emilee

Gender: female

Species: dragon

Age: 12

Friends: judgement boy, neko zombie, James and cactus gunman

Enemies: Catherine, hells chef, angel/devil dog and lost doll

Personality: sweet, shy, hungry, creative, Hmm...

Likes: music, gaming, eating, drawing, looking at things and other stuff

Dislikes: mean people and being hurt

Bio: I went to the hotel a few years ago and looked around, then I couldn't get out. I was stuck in there for 3 years and found a way to escape, and ended up back there. Idk what else to say, and art by me, I suck at bios

Pleas tell me this community isn't dead I just joined

Name: Taylor
Age: 19
Mental Stability: High until a fight involving him breaks out, or if he loses his drawing book.
Personality: ((not sure if this is required)) He is creative mainly through his visual arts. His drawings always stay with him in a small book he keeps in his backpack which never leaves his side
Friends: Neko Zombie, James
Enemies: Lost Doll, Catherine
Bio: ever sense he went to a foster family that fought with him daily he has not been happy with reality. As it were to happen on his 19th birthday which being today his foster parents began to bombarde him with pushes for college and military. The reality he lived was slowly stripping himself away till he was nothing but a moldable human. Thus he took his leave from the reality in seek for a place to be his true self. Then happened by chance he stumbled onto the odd looking hotel and wandered in

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How else is hyped for the ghs reboot :D

Animated Photo

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skreaching intensifies

I'll do mine later.

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Name: Skitty
Gender: Female, some separate personalities are basically male.
Age: 13
Birthday: August 8
Species: Luvinite (kind of like a human, but different)
Appearance: Dark brown short-ish hair, brown skin, brown eyes
Powers\Abilities: Stalking, commonly uses scythe, has bat-like wings.
Personality: Has severe MPD, so this can vary between each "person", quiet yet loud around people she knows well, very jealous, irritated easily, creative. When angry, very quick to lash out.
Commonly obsesses over someone she calls "Him" (no, not Powerpuff Girls 'Him').
Obsessed with intestines.
-Does not like being called a kid
-Likes to avoid reality, thus not minding Gregory House
-Has severe MPD, with over twenty separate personalities, but the most common are her herself, "Darky", "Bartholomew", "Ami", and "Lawrence".
-Has a boot fetish and a very dark sense of humor
-Love felines, thus having the nickname "Skitty".
-Commonly hums "Fly Away on the Wings of the Wind" Beautiful Russia. Fly away on the wings of the wind♡

Skitty: walks into Gregory House for the first time, holding a few bags ...!

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Name: Shade
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: February 26
Species: Irken

whoever starts the first roleplay gets promoted! and a shoutout!
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