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The website has now been updated at the base level. Users should not notice any discernible difference. However if you do find anything that doesn't work as it should please do let us know!

Thank you for your patience.

2015 Dates have been announced! 
September 19th & 20th at the Royal Gunpowder Mills
See you all there! :D

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The organisers of #FayreTimesFestival would like to say a huge "Thank You" to every single trader, exhibitor, guest speaker, helper and member of the public who came to #FTFestival over the weekend! We had a brilliant show, and that was because of *you* ! :D

We welcome the following exhibitors and traders to #FTFestival #FayreTimesFestival :
Fingal Living History Society;
Warsaw Pact Forces Group;
Back In The Day;
Danelaw Education;
Sanctioned Chaos;
Alchemic Wenchcraft Designs;
The 79th Cameron Highlanders;
Ilford Wargames Group

We welcome the following companies to #FTFestival #FayreTimesFestival :
Iron Forged Designs;
The Old Bookshop;
Simply Mexican Food;

Guest Speakers at #FayreTimesFestival  #FTFestival :

11 am - COSPLAY meets LARP
12 noon - Andy Stevens: The Art of Oral Story Telling
1 pm - Adam Edwards: Wine Making, Past and Present
2 pm - Chris Achilleos: Fantasy Art
3 pm - Dr Janet Woodall: The Magna Carta
4 pm - Michael Arnold: English Civil War

11 am - Lord Michael Buckmaster Brown: Historical Fire Arms
12 noon - Michael Arnold: English Civil War
1 pm - Dr Janet Woodall: The Magna Carta
2 pm - Andy Stevens: The Art of Oral Story Telling
3 pm - Chris Achilleos: Fantasy Art
4 pm - COSPLAY meets LARP

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GUEST SPEAKERS: Chris Achilleos

Chris is a British illustrator, painter and conceptual artist.
Over the past 40 years, he has created some of the best loved fantasy and glamour art and is acknowledged as one of the top fantasy artist in the world.
Guest Speakers at FTF
Guest Speakers at FTF  Wiccanitta (previously Elder Craft) shall be with us at the festival, selling knitted and handmade items. Welcome!
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