Kindly suggest me a depth camera for raspberry pi

Well may be most of you finished the course i have been busy so i'm doing the second week programming I'm using this expressions to imput in the code to get the left and right angular wheel speeds
vl= ((2*v-w*L)/(2*R))
  vr= ((2*v+w*L)/(2*R))
i'm using the pysimiam program that our friend Vinh Tran recomended us
the problem is that my robot keeps spinning in the same point this is the part of the code if anybody can show me what i'm doing wrong thanks a lot byeee.
def uni2diff(self,uni):
        (v,w) = uni

        #Insert Week 2 Assignment Code Here

         #R = self.robot.wheels.radius
         #L = self.robot.wheels.base_length

        vl= float((2*v-w*L)/(2*R))
        vr= float((2*v+w*L)/(2*R))

        #End Week 2 Assignment Code
        return (vl,vr)

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Hi guys I'm analyzing the second week and i found he talk abour a trick with arc tan in order to deal with angles and keep them between -pi and pi but if i look at the graph of arc tan i see that its domain is between (-pi/2) and (pi/2) thats not a big deal but it tells me that the max angle for error (e) will be -90 or 90 am i wrong ?

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing.
I actually just started watching the lectures yesterday due to my busy schedule.  The course is great.

Keep us updated.

Anyone knows how much does building the robot costs ??.

Hi guys, I am Joseph, I had to stop  in between the course.

I want to build the robots.. 

Hi, I'm Cato, from China. i want to learn something about PID implementation. i'm still a college student studying software engineering(which is actually not pure software studying ). this semester i have to build a model car that has two driving wheels and walks upright as a project of a class.

Sitting in front of my laptop for a whole day, play some games, read some blogs, and most importantly, learning a  course that give me an entirely new view and perspective about Fourier Transform. Excellent~
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