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Abstract submissions are now open for oral and poster presentations submit your abstracts through:
Avail 25% discount on registration and accommodation

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#Heart Brain -2018: #International #Heart and #Brain #Conferences September 24-26, 2018 at Abu Dhabi, UAE, wishes everyone a happy women's day
Please Visit: #Womens #Empowerment #Neurology #cardiology #Conference

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Dear GDG Abu Dhabi Members;
I need a help for getting GDG Dev Kit..........
I live in Abu Dhabi and my Internet is very slow and I can't download the files...So I need the GDG Dev Kit...
Can you send me the Discs through this Address?!

Your sincerely;
Abdirahman Essa

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This meetup is to discuss Google Drive API's in general, watch some of the sessions from Google I/O, discuss the API/SDK on a specific platform (Android, iOS, javascript) according to the preference of the attendees.

Please signup at the Creative Lab here: in order to get access to the whole lab and benefit greatly from their activities as well. 

PS: Registration will be a requirement in future meetups, please register from now

Location: Creative Lab, second floor, TwoFour54 Lime Green Building

Are we having Google I/O Event for GDG Abu Dhabi?

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Join us with our speaker from 

Mr. Mohammed Jaradat

How many of you have attended #ioextended before? Share with us your expectations for this year's #io13extended

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Follow our tweets @GDGAbuDhabi and tag your tweets throughout the event #io13extended  to unlock special gifts! The more tagged tweets, the more the chance! Register now 

1 day to go...#io13extended is almost here! Did you register for the event with +GDG Abu Dhabi? If so now and receive some cool swag!
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