Happy self harm awareness day guys!

I joined this because I am twenty six years old and I just got stopped being bullied, hazed, and abused when I was twenty three. From elementary, junior high, and high school. To my job at my dad's factory, and even during the four years of my military career. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, I still have nightmares and flashbacks. 

I will admit that I harbor a degree of anger, rage, and a sense of revenge. I want to combat bullying, hazing, and abuse. From my experiences: the worst and only offenders were and still are jocks, pretty boys, cheerleaders, and preps. But through all of this, I am a personal optimist and I live my life as such. 

As a writer, I hope to one day write a book about not just by experiences and any who would be willing to share their story.

I want to help all of you and all those who have been bullied, hazed, and abused. Thank you for letting me join your community. 
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