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Throughs and prayers to go out to the vitcims out in Barcelona 😣😣😣😣😣

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MTV's TRL is set to return on October 2.

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#ThrowbackThursday: Sports news from WKBD.

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#RIPJoeLouisArena December 12, 1979-July 30, 2017 They will be missed 😔😔😔😔

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Check out Kendrick Lamar's songs LOYALTY Featuring Rihanna

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This week on LCA Beat as we meet Harry Styles of the group One Direction. His latest single "Sign of the Times

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Remembering the Red Wings hockey on WKBD!!!!
#ThrowbackThursday: WKBD TV 50 WE PUT SPORTS IN YOUR FACE Legacy Feature: Promo for the Red Wings-Kings game were aired on the former FOX affiliate WKBD. Send some comments if you remembered to watched the Wings hockey on WKBD TV 50/FOX 50/UPN 50.

This week on LCA Beat as we look at the 10 potential opponent for the Pistons' home opener at the new arena.

1. Philadelphia 76ers
2. Chicago Bulls
3. Cleveland Cavaliers
4. Indiana Pacers
5. Milwaukee Bucks
6. Orlando Magic
7. New York Knicks
8. Oklahoma City Thunder
9. Dallas Mavericks
10. Atlanta Hawks

The schedule won't be coming out until next month so stay tuned for more information...

Next week: Meet Harry Styles

Coming in August:

8/6: Meet Trevor Daly
8/13: Katy Perry takeover mix
8/20: Meet Kid Rock
8/27: Top 10 Pistons' games

My next EP album is called "We Put Detroit Sports in Your Face" is due just in time for the new NHL and NBA season begins in October. This is the story about WKBD TV 50/Fox Detroit/Fox 50/UPN 50/UPN Detroit. They are now is CW.

Tracks from We Put Detroit Sports in Your Face:
Red Wings Hockey On Fox 50 Theme - Song that Fox 50 made the original theme for the Detroit Red Wings from early 90s
Black Hawk Down- The story about the Red Wings lost in 6 games to the Chicago Blackhawks in the '89 NHL playoffs and the clip from the game on November 29, 1990.
Your Place To Be For 2018 -A original 1988 promo for WKBD-TV Detroit
This is Your Last Damn Playoff Miss Until '17- This is the story about the 1989-90 Detroit Red Wings hockey team that failed to make the playoffs that year.
Isiah Thomas Wore Booty Shorts
Bad Boys Theme
Star 62- The story about the 1995-96 Red Wings hockey team that won 62 games
No Sports for the Summer- An off-season time for both the Wings and Pistons.
No Sports at Late Night- The promo for the Red Wings-Kings game when the great play for his team. No kids allow to watched the Red Wings game because they came on at 10:30 Detroit time and they have to go to school in that morning.
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