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here is a post for the characters like a review on how they act and stuff so here we go

Sans: sounds like goofy, likes going to disneyland, likes raping people, has a sex dungeon, and ate 50 human souls, he becomes powerful when he unlocks 1 percent of his brain,
Papyrus: more edgier then fell papyrus, hates his brother, can fuses with sans and create sansyrus, and shit
Undyne: acts like broly from dragon ball z
Alphys: is a call of duty nerd
Mettaton: a comedian
Muffet: a gangsta
Asgore: pretty normal and is a baker
Toriel: twitches everytime she talks, acts so dumb, can the break the sound barrier cause she is so fast
Frisk: normal
Me: (yes i have a retarded version of myself) pretty normal as well and hates his AU
Chara: normal
Flowey: is an asshole
Asriel dreemur: is a meme

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Retard sans: that's not a squirtle
Retard halo: not everything has to be a squirtle sans
Retard sans: aims a pistol at it and shoots it i want a squirtle!!
Retard halo: what the hell!!!! you killed that bulbasaur that's animal abuse sans!
Retard sans: that's not an animal it's a.....cabbage our lettuce
Retard halo: u-u-uhh.......i guess so

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Me:Alphys... no
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