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I have just secured a fantastic location for future #seminars. Thanks to Marco Amura and all the lovely staff at #StIvesBrewery for providing such a wonderful space and atmosphere. My excitement and dedication to make 2017 a success is growing by the day....

Testimonial From Martin Sinclair:
Having known Matt for many years, I have always found him motivational, not only in his approach to training and the physical side but also the mental approach to achieving your goals.
Having attended one of his seminars in 2013, I found his knowledge to be of the highest order.
This seminar was brought to his audience with demonstrations, great enthusiasm and balance of technical information but in terminology which was easily understood.
I would like to wish Matt all the very best in this new venture.
I'm sure he will be a great success and would recommend anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge that they attend one of his talks/seminars

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Testimonial from Tim Brearley:
Matt and I have been friends for many years and I value our friendship immensely. During this time he has not only been a good friend but an inspiration and motivational spirit.
In going to his seminars Matt always comes across with a positive knowledgeable attitude plus a gently humorous approach making everyone feel at ease. He is very enthusiastic and passionate about his chosen subject. Using excellent demonstrations (I know this being one of his demonstrates) with easy terminology to understand and take in.
I wish Matt all the best in what ever project he undertakes. I also recommended going to his seminars as I know he always puts in 110% to teaching and sharing his vast knowledge on his subject. Good luck Matt
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