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Name: Dawnblaze
Age: 38 moons
Gender: female
Species: cat
Fandom: Warriors
Appearance: picture
Powers/Skills: As the deputy of RiverClan, she has to be a good leader, is quite organised, and is an exceptionally good hunter
Bio: Dawnblaze always wanted to be the leader of RiverClan and lead it to victory when she was a kit. When she became an apprentice, he poured her heart and soul into her training, and for her, her warrior naming ceremony was the happiest moment of her life. She was able to become the deputy of RiverClan after defending the nursery from an attacking ThunderClan warrior, risking her life in the process.
Family: Nightclaw (mate)
Larksong (daughter)
Minnowtail (daughter)
Icefur (son)

Species:mobian hedgehog
Power:super strength pyrokinesis
Family:eclipse luna anna
Appearance:a sonic like wuils but with a quill on the middle of his head that the point goes behind him orange fur red eye's wears basketball shoes spiky cuffs and a jacket and gloves
Bio:same as eclipse

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Name: Lelia Destiny Chonis
Legend Name: Destiny's Daughter
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Bio: She was born with these powers and she likes them,sometimes. She doesn't know how to control all of the powers and the power she can't control is her most powerful one. She doesn't have a lot of friends
because she would rather not hurt them
Appearance: Black hair with blue streak in it,purple eyes,a T shirt that changes colors to her mood,jean shorts with black leggings,flats that also change color with her mood and a small tattoo with a white,black  and blue butterfly's on her cheek
Legend History: There was a powerful women named Destiny and she had all the powers to save the world and she saved it 7 times and she died at age 1,000 by another immortal killing her and the other immortal went off to another galaxy. Destiny was searching for a young girl to be her spirit daughter and Destiny found Lelia and gave her the powers she had and talks to her in her mind only when she wants to
Likes: Talking to her family and friends,using her powers for good and food
Dislikes: Being hungry and hurting others with her powers
Powers: Can run up to 1,000.mph,can heal very fast,her scream can go so high it can call dogs,break glass,people can hear her from 100 miles away and if your close to her you will get a little queasy to your stomach,can lift up to 1,000 tons/200,000 pounds,can send people visions,can turn invisible,is immortal,can freeze people and burn them,telekinesis,can see up to 50 miles,can shape shift into any person in the world and can sound like them,can predict the future,can summon big mythological animals,when she gets mad she can make small black holes and her powers get more powerful,knows when someone is lying and know when someone is near or 10 miles away

Guess what her most powerful power is and Please rate and sorry if it's a bit OP

Luna:ask me a question i wont mind answering

Can anyone make a sonic oc? So i won't be the only one

Luna:ask me anything i wont mind

Eclipse: he is running through town (open)

Black Blood: Ask me something please

(Im going to make luna next which is eclipses sister)
Name:luna light
Species:mobian hedgehog
Appearance:light blue fur hair similar to amy rose but with a pony tail a white shirt and a purple skirt with a belt shaped like a snowflake a diamond necklace thats shaped like a crescent moon silver gloves and white boots her eye's are silver
Powers:flight is able to make ice out of thin air and freeze people
Bio:same as eclipse
Family:eclipse sol anna

Eclipse:Ask me
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