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//While this community with not have "rules", I would like to warn everyone beforehand that ALL of my roleplays will cover dark, psychological content and/or kemonomimi ("animal ears" in Japanese) smut because A.) I plan to become a psychiatrist when I get older and B.) I played Nekopara Volume 1. UNCENSORED MIND YOU. So ya. THAT happened. ._. Plus I have like, 6 cats and I wouldn't be surprised if my mother or brother ends up rescuing yet another fur ball. Because of this, I have seen my fair share of real life cats in heat. And widdle Junior is But here is some cat-ish things about Junior plus his disorders:

Breed of Nekomimi : Scottish Fold Seal Point Balinese

What Does This Mean? Just so you know that the information I'm about to give is true, I own a copy of "Cat Facts" by Marcus Schneck & Jill Caravan, which is what I primarily use to pick out the best breeds for a nekomimi due to a certain personality trait. Now, what does this mouthful of a breed mean, you ask? Well, a Scottish Fold is said to be very affectionate breed of feline, and with its permanently folded back ears, I pictured people avoiding Junior, which would then contribute to his hatred of humans-until Levi happened. The Seal Point Balinese is a two way reasoning: A.) a Balinese is very similar to a Siamese in the way that this breed is known for its loud vocals and its demand for attention, BUT what a Siamese does NOT have on the Balinese is the fact the Balinese only demands the affection of ONE person and really doesn't care about anyone else & B.) I chose seal point because it has dark brown and neko tend to have ears and tail that match their hair color. Junior's hair is a dark brunette so yah. Thus the Balinese was a perfect choice to show a Yandere-ish nekomimi breed.

Does He Need Special Grooming? Not in particular, but due to being a long-haired Siamese of sorts, daily grooming of Junior's shoulder-length hair and Balinese-style tail is recommended.

What's This About Disorders? Unfortunately Junior has disorders, and in reality, disorders are more common than people who do not experience them think it is. I personally struggle with Bipolar and ADHD, but I was able to overcome my previously-diagnosed depression during my middle school years. Here is a list:

Lacunar Amnesia - loss of memory about one specific event
Avoidant Personality Disorder (APD) name is kinda self explanatory
Bipolar I (Type One Bipolar Disorder) classic stereotypical Bipolar basically
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) often misdiagnosed alongside bipolar, this is an extreme case of emotional instability
Insomnia if you don't know what this is...c-come on now-
Severe Major Depressive Disorder most severe form of depression
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