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Thank you others doing their part! Warned world #SYSTEMIC #corruption a child could of uncovered. Call park call this hot line in article look at some of the evidence this site has allowed. YOU SHOULD BE ENRAGED I AM!
Still trying to cause chaos and destroy evil.
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Thanks more than you know I owe this world and can not pay back without your help!

I sent a thank you note to Morelle.

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Big trial Monday please #watch  Been to Montana supreme court. #corrupt   #practices   #act   #went  to Us supreme court #case  not heard 5 to 4 vote citizen united challenge. 34 states sued feds to hear case. #went  to us senate filibustered Montana corruption bill 54 to 42. Now march 28th trial trying to stop public from seeing his corruption. I have warned public about systemic corruption involving senator mayor and council members of town now getting sued civil rights violations and conspiracy. police force destroyed. Lots more to uncover active cover up going on.
#Trial  next Monday. Fighting over several thousand documents. Article below. Bottom right documents from meth house raid in Colorado Montana corruption involved. They were in court fight in Colorado tried to destroy them. Stolen from car documents end up in Montana. Court fight again meet  +Governor Brian Schweitzer  when he #told world  #criminal   #organization   #in   #montana  October 31st 2012 article 5th document not seen on #EXIBIT  Documents that day stolen from state building again.
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Trying to expose this state senator for 8 years now. Have corruption evidence on him his clients sheriff employed by state senators clients and county. Senator has been to Montana supreme court us supreme  corrupt practices act.  Citizen united case not heard at us supreme court 34 states sued federal government to hear case. Went to us senate and now march 28th he may be removed from office first person since 1940 in Montana with that disgrace of honor. He is corrupt my video evidence and supporting documents inside this exibit prove corruption against me he called me a crusader. Both videos taken of internet twice I just reload them and post them one more time than stopped. Also I have been censored every day not allowed to post more than 10 hours and as few as 4 hours have 10,000,000 views in 56 days 20,600,000 in total. Secret service following my effort! can not wait to see states evidence I can prove! state investigating since 2008
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The +The Bitchy Pundit is dangerous!  :)

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Hi everyone, My name is Jason Decker the Chair of the NYS chapter of the Modern Whig Party. Right now we are organizing, which is difficult going up against the 2 main political parties. One thing we believe in is campaign finance reform as well as something people may not be familiar with and that is approval voting. I will join this group with my personal profile as well. I look forward to quality discussion around fair elections. Please check out our national platform: 

Also here is a petition for the American Anti-corruption act:

After you look into approval voting please feel free with discussion on this post. Approval voting is a good step in full electoral reform giving a fair representation to the people

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#montana   #election   #violations  In court rooms since 2010 state senator art wittich for election violations According to ex governor Schweitzer State senator involved in criminal organization I was there that day he told public #electioneering  was the head line. This case still in court rooms through out state. Now more possible corruption in #montana   #stanford  and #dartmoth  involved early in process READ articles for your self. conspiracy world should now about!
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We need a bigger Wolf PAC group for Virginia! Not enough folks know about our group in my area so I got this stamp to spread the word about our plan for an amendments convention. #MovetoAmend   #GetMoneyOut   #CitizensUnited   #WolfPAC  

Do you think this is a good way to spread the word about Wolf PAC?

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Thanks Citizen's United and McCutcheon!
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