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All right gentlemen, as the greatest warriors of the internet, we must have some regulations as to how we deal with the UTTP

1. Try not to cuss unless it is appropriate to do so. This shows a lack of character and your argument will be taken for granted

2. Use proper grammar. It is seriously not that hard.

3. Don't spam their communities. Not only would it be hypocritical of us, but it does nothing and only gets you banned.

4.If they treat you with respect, treat them with respect. If they respect your opinion, respect theirs. It is much easier to treat eachother with compassion than with apathy.

Hello im new here so this is a anti-UTTP community right?

I have an idea. I saw some people talking about Stephen Larson not being such a great leader. What if we tried to turn UTTP against him and dethrone him? There might be a better leader then, and they might be reasonable as well.

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Hey guys! It's me, Sabian Watts! Please spam and flag this community right now and flag all of it's members except for me!

Can people at least try to be a little bit more active in this community? The point is that we are the most active and the strongest.

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Look at them trying to gather their wits....

They are pathetic!

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Alright gentlemen, I have our first assignment for you.

There are several UTTP Officers in this community who are terrorizing the members of this Fandom. We must repel these officers and liberate them before it is too late. So join, and protect these Fandom members.

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Remember people our enemies act like this when you confront them
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I am known on my channel snowstar
But I'm allied with fnaf and I'm happy to serve against UTTP

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