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1. Present - Project
2. Put link of your recorded presentation on the last slide of your slide presentation.
3. Not the secure browser, but go to login.
Then go to screen where you clicked on to take the final exam.
Click on Upload final product. Upload your slide presentations there.
4. Then answer your reflection questions and click the submit button.
Student Portal - Login
Student Portal - Login

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Video Presentation:

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Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards!

Class expectations for the day.

All groups who present at least 2 times in class today will not need to take class final exam.

All those who do not present twice, will need to prepare for final exam. I will give the study guides out Thursday of this week.

On Thursday, you should wear black and white dress clothing. Please email teacher any issues.

You must complete 1 practice run today!
Dream Computer Project:
Word Document 4 page
Excel Spread sheet with Price of items selected.
PowerPoint of Dream computer including the items selected and price list.

2.5.1: Characterize the main parts of a computer system and describe how they interact
2.6.4: Identify uses and benefits of various types of input and output devices
3.7.1: Create quality documents using the basic features of word processing and spreadsheet applications
3.8.4: Characterize how organizations use multimedia products to shape audience impressions
5.12.5: Evaluate criteria for selecting an operating system
6.15.6: Plan a cost-effective personal technology system that is designed for a specific set of needs
6.15.7: Compare and contrast different models of computer hardware and software components and propose a solution that incorporates the best-suited model of each component

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Celebration of Asian Heritage Month
You must write a minimum of 1 sentence in the comments section of this post stating why we should celebrate . You must use Capital letter and ending punctuation appropriately. You cannot begin a sentence with the following words:
Do not begin sentences with the following to words, “And”, or “That”. Do not use the word “It” at all.
The sentence 100 points.

Next Assignment Indian Heritage Month display
Please use the following website only to find the person you want to honor:

Find a picture online and either write or copy and paste underneath picture on full sheet of paper for Asian History month display on wall in hallway of the classroom. You cannot use the word “it” within any of the work you write for this class.
Pic. 50 Points
Bio. 50 points

Letter example: can copy from post:

[Click here and type your home address]

[Click here and type your name]

Industry Partnership Coordinator
NYC National Academy Foundation
28-11 Queens Plaza North, 4th Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101

April 9, 2014

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to inquire about internship opportunities within [Click here and type the name of a company you would like to work for]. I am part of the NAF internship program at the Academy of Finance and Enterprise, which prepares students to work and be successful.

As a senior in high school, I take a variety of courses including [Click here and type a few specialized classes]. I believe I am developing a strong foundation with the tools, processes, and methodologies to be an asset as an intern. I have excellent computer skills
to produce [Click here and type something that you have used a computer to create.]
I currently work at [Click here and type the title of your job or community service position]. I am proud of the fact that I [Click here and type an accomplishment that you are proud of on your job or community service.]

The attached resume provides more details about my skills and achievements. I would
appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you the possibilities of an internship with NAF. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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5/8/17 Let get this done :)
Check your emails. If you got one from me, please move to the area of computers where the round table is located ASAP.

Share your dream computer projects with me please, now!

Resume example:

Example letter:

Rubric for Presenting Dream Computer (This must be recorded)
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