I almost forgot that this community existed.

What's up?

Does anyone have a PS mount picture for the 2.4 swap handy?  I would search but site's down of course...

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Just a little more proof of the 12.5 comp on stock ECU (Crower 2's, LTH, MP60 etc.). This is at 2300 miles with a 900rpm idle
12 5 comp C2 LTH 2300 miles

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Stupid shit I am doing. Now that i have an idea of what set-up will end up in the engine bay, I'm trying to clean things up a bit
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Thanks for the invite!

I opted to go with more cylinders than a 4G63 could provide.

It's still getting a turbo.

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Late Christmas present to myself: new back plate for the Glock 30.

Happy New Year, 2GNT'ers.

Nice thing about having a vehicle that is used in service/fleet applications: GM makes it easy to hook up a host of peripheral equipment without getting messy with splicing in the harness.

Found the GM Upfitter PDF Manual for my 2012 2500HD - lots of information on pigtail part numbers and places to grab fused power (battery and switched).

Current project - adding a hidden switch under the dash or in console that applies +12V to the BCM (Body Control Module) that prevents the Automatic Shift Solenoid from engaging, allowing it to be placed in gear.  Basically, I can flip the switch, lock the doors, and keep the truck running without worrying about someone jumping in and throwing it in gear and driving off.

I guess typically used for trucks that have a PTO or something that needs to be running without an operator present.  This way the truck can be kept running with the key in, without the concern of someone taking off with it.

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I'm steaming mad!

Boss trying to make me go to job 5 hours away from 19-24, and 26-2nd. Fucking kidding me? How about some notice. I have 2 kids and a wife that works too.
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