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I'm gonna start a small debate tournament. Each round I will randomly select a character for you to use and your opponent. From that point you have 24hrs to study the character.

Rules of each debate will be:
No Insulting, Insults will result in an auto DQ.

24hrs without a proper reply will lose you the match.

5 comments each, making more than 5comments will lose you the match automatically.

Sign ups now:
#1. +Ryandbeast​​​​
#2. +Mr Bubbles​​​
#3. +Tevin Betts​​
#4. +Iapitus McHeimer

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Here is the link for University of Debating

There will be an upcoming debate next Tuesday. The debate will be between Super ghost and Thor the omnipotent. This debate will take place in a the community of University of debating.

The topic they will be debating on is Mangog vs doomsday.

There will be a poll posted in every community asking who won the debate. There will be no insulting. Please get to the post before the debate start. All other comments will be Deleted from the comments

If you would wish to debate someone please let me know so I can set up the debate.


This place isnt the same. :/

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humpty dumpty lol

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Trinity – Better Together | Comics
Batman and Wonder Woman meets an older, wiser Superman and together, they confronted the force of White Mercy that tests their very souls.

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+Slade Wilson
I'm banned from Comic Versus lol.

Anyway Slade solo negs. I'd assume even +Nathaniel Talon​(probably the most relevant Elektra debater) would admit Slade solos.
Death Battle!Black Widow & Elektra VS Deathstroke & Batman!Fight to the Death!Who do you think will win and why?


~BW and Elektra have 2 hour prep----DS and Batman have No prep
~Morals are off for both teams
~Weaponry & Equipment: Elektra has her Twin sais along as shriuken and Black widow has her standard gear such as her Widows bite/Her Gauntlets and Two pistols.
Deathstroke has two swords and he's does NOT have the Ikon suit and Batman has his regular standard street lvl Batsuit,Utility belt and batarangs.
~Location:Bejing China
~*Encounter:* Black Widow and Elektra we're hired to kill both Deathstroke and Batman to keep both their used to be lovers alive(Daredevil) if they fail he will die.Batman and Deathstroke of course enemies will find themselves in s situation where they will have work together to stay alive.

(Here goes nothing)
This poll is not available.

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Anyone want to debate?
+Nathaniel Talon​ & I will be using Scarecrow & Deathstroke respectively.

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Punisher VS Crossbones

Who would win?

1 hour prep for both
Win by death

Location: Hell's Kitchen
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