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I've set up an "official" Discord server for Kotodama Heavy Industries, so people can chat about Tenra Bansho, Ryuutama, or Shinobigami. Hopefully this can be a place where people can setup online games in real time and whatnot.
Please use the below link. Please note that I'm trying a low-level security thing on here, where you need to input a simple command, then you'll be given access to all channels. The instructions are in the #welcome_new_guests channel.

I'm still sort of figuring the bot out, so hit me up if you have any issues. Thanks!

I ordered the Shinobigami Book after the Kickstarter and I believe the seller site said I would get access to all the Kickstarter materials as long as I signed up for them, via the seller site, which I did. I have not been able to access the Alpha version of the game, nor received a link via email. Can somebody help me out? Thanks :-)

Just curious if there are any recordings of play throughs out there?

Hello everyone,
I was asked to run a game of shinobigami around christmas for my wife and her brother and sister. Since the latter two are not very experienced in tabletop rpgs (they just had some sessions of more traditional games) I decided to write a coop-scenario, so they get a hang on the shinobigami mechanics without forcing them to work against each other.
Now I've written up the scenario I want to run and since I'm relatively inexperienced with writing my own scenarios, I wanted to ask you guys, what you think about it - does it work in a basical sense, does it have blind spots, and so on. You can find my writeup here:
(I'm very sorry if my phrasing gets weird in some cases, I translated everything from my native tongue)

Did you encounter this situation before: Player 1 had his first scene and established an emotional bond with player 2s character, he (pc2) wanted to create bonds and find out secrets and thus player 1 got them too. Due to a combat at the end of the second round PC1 did not only possess the price but also had all secrets by proxy except for one he wasn't interested to know as he already could imagine what it was.

Now, what do do with his last scene in the 3rd round? He was fully healed, had no interest in finding out any more and wanted to sit it out basically. In my scenario he would win if he clings to the price until the end - can you suspend your turn to see what happens and then go after the other PCs? I though about an option to give him extra gear like he is prepared for the upcoming battle or something similar...

Short question: Can a character choose every Nimpo unrelated to his choosen/circled skill (except for the clan specific ones)? It is clear for the ones with "Any" but for example if I take Blast as a Nimpo can I use it with Hydromancy (a waterblast) or acupuncture (a hail of needles) etc. with an increased difficulty as normal?

I ran "The Dagger that Kills Gods" at a gameday here in Chicago last week. It was the first time playing for all of us. These are some of my thoughts:

Usually for cons and gamedays I create pregens, but for this Shinobigami session I had players create characters at the table. I wanted that as both a way of introducing the game and to let the players shape characters they felt personally connected to. I think the latter goal was more successful than the former. All three players made interesting characters, but we had a lot of
reference material on the table to sort through as people looked up and checked ninpo, and everybody felt they characters weren't built as effectively as they could have been, once they
understood how the game played.

I had the nimpo printed on handouts, but one player had that good suggestion of having them on cards. I think if I ran the one-shot again I would use at least partially built pregens, with ninpo
cards for each character.

The game's style of switching between freeform RP scenes and structured skill checks work well with my players, with everybody getting the concept quickly and adapting it to their own style. One player was boots on the ground, tracking and interacting with the main NPC. Another worked mostly through a network of contacts and animal spies (having a falcon flying over the
city was the best narrative explanation of "knowing one's Location" I've seen yet). The third, who had the secret goal of creating positive EmoBonds, mostly created flashback scenes, of when she'd previously encountered the other PCs.

We had only one Combat Scene before the Climax, taking place in a noisy dance club (our interpretation of the "Stormy Weather" Battlefield). It took a while to get heads around the Velocity System and how range worked, particularly with why Stormy Weather increased range. After a couple rounds we were getting the hang of it. A lot of innocent bystander on the crowded dance floor got taken out as the PCs turned out not to be where their attackers thought they were, or attacks were otherwise dodged or avoided. The main NPC went down early in this fight, but PCs fought among themselves long enough for the combat to be a draw, and the NPC slipped away with the Prize before anyone else could claim it.

There were some good moments and gasps in Drama Scenes as Secrets became revealed, though we had some confusion (mostly do to my not explaining it well) about how Secrets got shared through EmoBonds. I think maybe tokens or cards could help here as well.

Backstabbing between characters started in the combat scene above, but really took off during the Climax. One PC aligned himself with the NPC baddie, and the other two were out for
themselves. The big conflict began to show some we all had some reservations about: there was a lot of Dodging going on. Battles in Shinobigami are really prolonged do to the relative ease of Dodging. While I enjoyed my years of playing D&D, these days I don't like long combats very much. Dodging really prolongs combat and I wonder about ways of tweaking it Shinobigami. Our Climax Combat felt too long, though things did accelerate rapidly once Skill Columns began to go down.

Ultimately one PC was standing at the end, though she did sacrifice her Secret Goal in order to win the Prize. That choice would lead to interesting consequences if this were an ongoing
campaign, as relations between her and her Clan would start to strained.

On the whole I enjoyed the game, though I see a lot I'd need to learn to master it. I look forward to seeing the full release. I am tempted though to deconstruct the ideas of what Shinobigami wants to be an reconstruct it with a smoother system. It seems like it could potentially be run with Fate. EmoBonds and Secrets could function as Fate Aspects and one could limit the Fate Actions to model the goals and choices characters make during Drama Scenes. It's something I'll be thinking about and might try the next time I gave an opportunity.

I swear that there were/are some wallpapers for Shinobigami, but for the life of me I cannot find them. Help?

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