Hey, I was reading "Andys Shinobigami Scenario Advice.pdf" which was made available in the same email as the one for the beta rules I think. It tells me to read Matt's how he made the black mirror pdf first. But I can't find anything about that.

any hints?

Hi +Andy Kitkowski , did the latest update go out to the pre-order mailing list? Just saw there’s been an update on the Kickstarter, but I hadn’t had one by email

Any plan to release a form fillable character sheet or a roll20 sheet? We play online with the draft :/

What's the latest news on the PDF release?

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Today we've demoed a session of #Shinobigami at our Lisbon's Monthly RPG Meet-up and it was great fun with a lot of passionate vows of violence and emotional revelations.

We've developed a custom scenario called "The Legend of the Liquid Sun", six pre-gens and made custom sheets and gear tools cards as well as some ohgi hand-outs.

We had a blast demoing it. :)
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Any news on the status of the translation? I think I've missed a couple of updates

I've run a couple of games by now and there's one thing, that's bugging me out. I'm not quite sure if it's a problem with the game or a problem with the way I'm thinking the game should work.

1.) Every time I ran a game of Shinobigami I showed my players the table for how to earn Merit to make them understand what kind of actions are rewarded. This was totally okay for the part of the game, where you play in cycles and everything is nice and comfy - everyone had cool interaction with the other players, they made EmoBonds, discovered secrets, all the stuff. But when it came to the Climax Phase, all thoughts about EmoBonds and roleplaying coherently to previous events were thrown over board as soon as it got in the way of their mission - because fulfilling the mission gets you 3 Merit, while everything else is just 1 Merit. I've seen lovers killing each other simply because "Welp, mission goes first." ... Maybe that's a german thing, I don't know.

2.) Another problem one of my players pointed out is, that as long as there's no special circumstance in the scenario or the players' secrets, there's no to little point in trying to get the prize before you reach the climax phase. When your (secret) mission tells you to get the prize, it's way better to wait for the climax phase to kill the other PCs, instead of putting yourself in risk for getting the prize earlier, and then maybe being weakened when you get to the climax phase, which really determines the winner of the prize.

Now I'm thinking about tweaking the Merit table to make it less predictable: Last Standing and Heartstring would still work the way they did before. The other types (Clan Goals, Roleplay, Prize Held, Mission Complete) would get no attached Merit reward, but in the end, before Merit is assigned, I would roll a d4 to determine, which of those types would be the focal point of the session and is valued with 3 Merit points, while the others still earn you 1 point. This way the players would have to think a little bit about their actions and tactics instead of simply going for their mission.

Have you had similar problems? What do you think about my solution? Would it work?

Hi guys just stumbled across this game. Looks very cool, I like the style. Is there a pre-release; introduction rules pack to try out And sample?
Thanks in advance.

Hi +Andy Kitkowski did the latest update get sent out on email? I saw it on the kickstarter, just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed the email for names. It definitely wasn't in the mail filter as I check it daily

Any good ideas on how to explain the velocity system in easy terms? After all it's not really about where you are but how fast you are - and then it refers to ranges ... it's a game of its own. Somehow I have a hard time explaining it to some roleplayers that are used to non-abstract hex- and square-based combat. +Andy Kitkowski+Matthew Sanchez​ - will this be explained in more detail in the final text?
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