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So which origin should I give to my OC Marvel hero?
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Experimented Spider Bite.
Super-Soldier Serum Combined Spider-DNA.
Born With Mutant Spider Abilities.
The Other's Gift To Gain Spider Powers.

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Name: Kai Hartfield
Alias: Phantom-Spider(Former), The Spider Ghost
Age: 19
Gender: M
Powers: Healing Factor, Wall Crawling, Enhanced Spider Sense, Tendril Constructs, Paralyzing Venom Claws, Enhanced Speed, Super Agility, Flight, Invisibility, Intangibility, Inhuman amounts of strength, and Spinnerets(Bio web shooting)
Weapons: None
Tools: Ghost suit
Personality: Quirky, Shy, helpful, sarcastic, and crude. (As The Spider Ghost) Helpful, Kind, and very jokey and sarcastic like Peter Parker
Bio: The son of Scientists Max Hartfield and Misaki Hartfield who developed a powerful and rare symbiote bring known as "Shadow" in order to give birth to a new hero but sadly after an explosion at their lab occurred nearly killing Kai his mother injected the Shadow Symbiote into him as it bonded with him on a cell level allowing him to summon the suit at any time. Sadly, his parents died in the explosion and he took on the mantel of his fathers idol "Spider-Man" and now fights as The Shadow Spider. He is now currently dating Viral(the female half of Shaddoll) and is living with them as well. But sadly, after the battle against  Edwin Vancliff/Kaiki he died by sacrificing himself in order to save the other Defenders leaving his one year old son Rei and Viral without him for a year. Then after his death he was suddenly encountered by The Master Weaver who offered him a chance to return to the world of the living as a new Spider Warrior with a new suit and an enhanced version of his Symbiote suit due to the legendary threat apparently coming in the future but cannot interact with his son and wife as it might cause an inter dimensional catastrophe that not even he can fix. He reluctantly agrees to this as it seems to be the only way to save the multiverse. He now works as The Spider-Ghost with his new powers.
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normal identity Serena
age  18
superhero name lotus rebel
superpower plant control and great at distance fighting or subuing opponets

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Normal identity: Alfren Hawk

Age: 22

Superhero identity: Magic Blade

Super power: Can manipulate steel with elemental magic and manipulate his surroundings with energy.

Bio: Alfren Hawk, a senior at NY College of Science and Biology, first realized his powers at the age of 16. He was accused of being a freak by his friends and family once he revealed his powers to them. SHIELD, however, seen great potential in him, so they took custody of him when he was dumped at an orphanage.

Top enemies: the Demon King, Shade, and Task Master

(I made this template as an example and as my character.)
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