When's the next LD?

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Time lapse for my game!!
Amoebam is a game that I have made to submit as an entry for the Ludum Dare 35 Compo, a 48 hour game JAM where one has to create a game according to a given theme.

The theme given was Shape Shifting, so I made a game on Amoeba, which literally has no shape, and is a slime jelly like thing. You change the shape when you are shooting, when rolling for speed level completion.. etc.,

Question about the making money challenge I'm about to release an app that's not a game and as I do love participating in Ludlum dares I wondered if this would be eligible

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I didn't have much time to devote to Ludum Dare this weekend, but I belted out something just to convince myself that I can still do it. Silly, playable, but would need lots of refining to be a fun game for more than 2 minutes of playtime.

I don't think I'll touch this project ever again, but I did learn:

1. How to set up animated spritesheets in Unity (I've mostly ignored the 2D workflow since it first appeared in Unity 4.3), and discovered a quick workflow to make them in the GIMP.

2. I re-remembered why I never ever ever touch the new 2D physics components. The rules for when collision events (OnTriggerEnter2D / OnCollisionEnter2D) are fired between static/rigidbody/kinematic/trigger colliders and various combinations thereof are similar but not the same as their 3D equivalents, and as far as I can tell these rules are not officially documented, beyond what a few confused and desperate users have created themselves scattered around the web. <rant>_It honestly amazes me just how incorrect, incomplete or non-existent some of Unity's docs are. Sometimes I almost wonder if it's deliberately left incomplete so as to appear beginner friendly - if some things were properly documented, the more complicated parts would suddenly look scary/ugly/complicated, rather than glossed over with the veneer of faux Applesque simplicity. When they were 'the little guys' I could forgive it, but these days they should have the resources to fill the gaps and fix the errors. It should only take one decent full time employee ... if it was my job, day in, day out, to just fix the docs, I swear they'd be 500 % better (And yes, I've submitted documentation bugs several times before. They appear to go unfixed)</rant>_


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Jon is checking out another Ludum Dare game jam game and this time keeping your eye on your health is more important than ever (as it actually doubles up as your ammunition).

Time to take aim at Bloodshot.

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Go, go, Ludum Dare 32!

This time, I made Star Drill Ultra, a Star Fox-inspired space combat game about playing a drill.

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Distant Star: Revenant Fleet v. released!
Download from googledrive: http://goo.gl/bFSz2M
Download from sourceforge: http://goo.gl/e8gi3Y

VFX Changes
Created new mending pulse modifier VFX.
Got rid of more unused/duplicate VFX.
Renamed and resized medium ship shields disabled VFX.
Ships now show charging VFX when manually activated nuke launchers or lasers are present.
Charging VFX added and prefabs made.
Edited bloom in maps.
UI Changes
Updated the controls image.
Updated the supply icon across the game.
Created a credits panel for the main menu.
Added danger level to map scene
Even non-activatable attachments are shown in attachments bar now.
Updated the font size on the resources display, and added a text indicator for Danger Level.
Changes to the Sector Map: Glow pulse removed from current node, glow pulse added to nodes you can jump to, etc.
Updated Ship HUD buttons and Turned off the waypoint button.
Changed the Ship HUD Buttons to adjust for smaller fleet size.
Updates to slicing of Battlefield UI Atlas sprites.
Added alerts to minimap
Changed UI metagame keys on missions to be generic.
Mission Changes
Switched on extra capture maps for single objectives
Added new events
Updated metagame randomisation.
Removed energy from structures.
Various updates to maps (inc map triggers, objectives, layout changes, etc.)
Shop Mission changed to Feature Mission, added new maps, removed legacy stuff from some of the maps
Capture pause added to missions.
Story and Shop randomisation now occurs at the building event list level
Updated shop odds
Updated exit sector ‘end node’ event
 Gameplay Changes
Updated drone balance.
Event data updates for sector data change, change in Objective naming, general text updates
Removed script from end ship button that adjusted attachment button positions.
Max fleet size dropped from 9 to 5.
Pulses now no longer stack, applying a modifier from one pulse should remove any other pulse modifiers.
Took out camera pan on map zoom in/out in map scene.
Bug Fixes
Fix to ship navigation – ships can no longer be forced to fly over terrain by being told to turn quickly.
Fixed bug where storms would not clear out their applied modifiers at the end of their duration.
ShipHUD prefab had the health bars shifted up by 50 units for some reason…
Fixed battle report which has never been displaying criticals correctly.
Noticed a few sockets had been locked by accident.

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Hey, guys.  It's time to do your laundry.

OK, I kid, but we did make a laundromat simulator for this Ludum Dare 31.  Check it out, and tell us what you think!

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