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A new PlayRaw from community member wiegemalt, an incredible view of the night sky from the Black Forest!

Come grab the raw file and show us how you'd process those stars! :)

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A new PlayRaw "Misty Path" from Mario Saraceni over on the forums! Come grab the raw file and show everyone how you'd approach processing this image!

#FOSS #photography #processing #share #raw #misty

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+G'MIC hits a 2.0 milestone, and +David Tschumperlé details all of the awesome things that have been going on with the project (warning, it's a long list of awesome updates - some of them may cause your head to explode...)!

#foss #photography #GMIC #GIMP

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We're celebrating a 2 year anniversary for discuss and the community! Come see some highlights!

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The +RawTherapee developers have been working hard on supporting Pentax Pixel Shift files, and they've reached a point where their results are better than the proprietary offerings from Pentax and Adobe. Come have a look at the awesome work they've done!

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Sharing an old raw file of mine from a shoot with Mairi a while back. Everyone is welcome to come download the raw file and show off how you might process and edit this image!

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An overview of things going on in the Free/Open Source Photography community lately!

+Damon Lynch's process model for Rapid Photo Downloader!
+Carmelo DrRaw is building an awesome +GIMP .appimage bundle with some neat plugins (and more)!
+G'MIC is getting some new glitch-art filters soon!
+Morgan Hardwood looks at an alternative to watermarking images (and folks creating batch scripts to automate it further)!

Come see what's new! :D

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Here is a video tutorial that showcases and explains the use of the GIMP 2.9.5 AppImage package under Linux.

AppImages are self-contained packages that can be run on any Linux distribution (even old ones) without having to bother about library dependencies. All what is needed to run the latest GIMP 2.9.5 + G'MIC 1.7.5 + PhotoFlow git + Resynthetizer + Liquid Rescale is already contained in the AppImage itself.

This screencast replaces the previous one I posted, has better sound quality and gives better examples of use of the provided extra plug-ins.

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A new PhotoFlow video tutorial from +Andreas Katifes, focussing this time on how to combine layer masks in order to create more complex masking shapes.

In this video I demonstrate how to combine masks in PhotoFlow Editor, using the boolean operators. Plus, how to copy a mask using the layer clone tool.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to watch and to listen. :)

#photofloweditor #boolean #operators  

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This is the first video I make about using +PhotoFlow Editor, with audio recording. Yes, this is me speaking. :P
I demonstrate how to create a dodge and burn preset, using the layers in PhotoFlow.

Thank you for taking the time to watch and to listen. :)

#photofloweditor #opensource #presets #dodgeburntool  
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