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Hi All.

I'm new with mediamosa and get errors when install mediamosa.
Can you help me this problems.(how to install or config ffmpeg and lua 5.1 Lpeg)

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It's been awhile since we released an new point release for MediaMosa, but now we finally completed the last milestone for version 3.6. Thanks to our community for their contribution of fixes and new features that made this release possible. Although a very large part of this release are fixes, we have added lots of new features; published and unpublished status for assets, asset trash can state instead of deletion, multiple viewer objects for client applications, support for Solr facet and related search, support for Solr 4.x and much, much more.

To see the complete list of changes, our change-log can be found  here:

This version is an release candidate is not intended for production servers. We need your feedback! Please test this version and report any problems you might encour during installation and use.

To download the new version, head over to our download page ( Its also available on Github (

I would like to join the MM-forum at and have applied several weeks ago but haven't heard anything. Does anyone here know whom to contact?

I'm looking into the mediamosa_connector-class from the sdk and would like to use it in a non-drupal environment but it's not clear to me if that's possible at all. Well - guess it's not (functions declared elsewere are used). So what should one include in order for it to work? Or should I just write a new connector?

Is this "the place" for MediaMosa community communications?  Is there a better place to go interact with the MM community? Maybe there's a more well used teaching platform with a larger community? 

We are looking for developing a media management solution using MediaMosa.
If you have previous experience in developing media management software or solution, please revert back.

Hi, At Ghent University we are having some issues with the latest mediamosa ( 3.5.0 ) and the mediafile analysis. It seems that after the upgrade to 3.5.0 new uploaded mediafiles aren't analysed correctly ( or fully ) and the result is that duration isn't filled in in the technical metadata. If you manually start a second analysis job the metadata is filled in correctly so the analysis still works as aspected. Has anyone experienced the same issue and maybe found the source of the problems? We are also using the new storage profiles so this might be related since we also switched to this with the upgrade.


I would like to get solr in play but do anyone have comments on which version of solr and Mediamosa? Should I stick to 3.x or go for 4.x?
Thanx and dank u wel

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Presentation by MediaMosa at the REC-ALL Lecture Capture Workshop -11 December 2013, KU Leuven, Belgium is available on:
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