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Name : Angel/Heartless Shadow

Age unknown

Species: Demonic Saiyan/Hedgehog
2%espada and as of this morning, a Kitsune deity

Gender: Male

Height 4'5(hedgehog appearance) 6'1(human like appearance)

Weight: haven't done it in a while

Personality: kind, caring, goofy, sometimes, willing to push myself to become stronger, tries to be as honest as possible and help others, and if pushed too gar, I become violently insane.

Skills and abilities:
Expert fighter, dark and light arts master, skilled ki based fighter, weagons expert, can summon any weapon I so desire with the flick of my fingers, and can absorb the traits of anyone by drinking there blood, adding their skills and abilities to my own. Note: I do not gain their strength, but the ability to become as strong as said person. And also, thanks to me being able to summon any weapon, as well as combining my spiritual power with my weapons, I can manifest the keyblade oath keeper, and oblivion into their physical forms(like on bleach, how muramasa can do).
Tends to go insane if I become severely damaged and I feel no pain as I charge at my enemies in a berserk rage. (Looks like Sai'X from Kingdom Hearts II)

SSJ I-VI, Supreme Super Saiyan, Super Devaiyan
Demon Mode I & II Devil's Rage, Devil Trigger, Ultimate Devil Trigger(in this form, my power increases immensely and I am invulnerable to any kind of attack, but the transformation doesn't last long),
Ascend Mode I-VIII
Heavenly Angel
Kitsune Deity.

Dark Arts: Homing Sorrow(a powerful ball of darkness that is unavoidable due to the fact that it's "homing"),
Darkness Illusion(a teleporting technique that creates a dark flame sphere that expands to a 50ft radius in all direction and does great damage)
Chaos powers: Blast, Control, Healing, Destruction(ultimate attack), and Cannon(Basically Galick Gun/Cannon. Very powerful)
Blaster Shell(a devastating ki blast that can destroy an entire planet if I wanted it to),
Gigantic Press(surrounds my body with a powerful ki shield that does great damage as I dash into my enemies(s) with it), Gigantic Slam(basically the press, but I knock my enemy onto the ground and slam down on them after jumping high into the air)
All of Dante's and Virgil's moves.
All of Grimmjow's moves

Any that I summon, but mainly my Blood Oath blade, created using my very own blood. It is indestructible unless I die, because it is basically my power, all of Dante's, Virgil's, and Sparda's weapons, Sheer Madness, a blade given to me by the supreme overloard Kai( +Evil 17 ), the Glaive of the Kai, and Hope's Sacrifice (My Keyblade)

Bio: just get to know me. 
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Thanks for inviting me.

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Name: Hazama
Gender: Male
Height: 6’0”
Age: Unknown
Race: Artificial Human
Personality:  A deceivingly calm and quiet man, around most people. While be plays himself off as meek, bookish and of no threat, Hazama may very well be one of the hugest threats mankind has ever faced. He's deceptively kind, very smooth and sly with his wording. His farce is enough to fool just about anyone. He states himself to be useless in combat, and that he doesn't do very well when fighting. But many question--if he's so bad in combat, why is he in a combat-oriented school? While many observe him to be kind and patient, he most often doesn't do anything at all. He's subtly manipulative, but he's able to piece his schemes together magnificently. He is an expert liar and actor, who will tell tall tales whenever he sees it fit, most likely when it'll benefit him.

Hazama, in all actuality, possesses an utterly evil amount of selfishness and hatred. He's absolutely irredeemable, and has committed a perhaps uncountable amount of evils and wrongdoings in the past. He's detached and cruel. He downright enjoys seeing others squirm and be in pain, and takes delight in prodding sensitive topics that might harm others mentally and emotionally. He'll certainly do anything to reach his goals. He doesn't hold back and will harm just about anyone and everyone around him. He's cold and clever, and connives in a sinful way. But his outward friendliness and expertise in dealing with people allow him to cover this part of himself. So, he masquerades as a normal human being. Although since entering the academy, he feels as though he can be more true and open with people.

Hazama is not above gambling or playing dirty in order to get what he wants. He has an absolutely stubborn fixation on victory, and will sacrifice his allies in order to obtain what he wants. He’s incredibly self-indulgent, and will take just about anything he can get in terms of power. Material possessions and wealth aren’t on his top priority list. He had enough of those already. Hazama has incredibly thick skin and will never get offended easily. Most people who openly insult him are at work, and they’re just mere, annoying flies that can be swatted away at any time. The thrill of being able to get rid of whoever he wants to is something he quite enjoys. Although, since he’s so precise, he doesn’t often get high on arrogance or power. He needs to maintain a steady composure in order to complete his goals.

He has solid persistence, but only buts heads with those who he truly does not like. “Butting heads” is an extremely light term for it. He aims to dispose of each and every one of his enemies. He’s a rampant and unpredictable individual. Even when he’s disguising his true personality, he never quite acts on a specific schedule. He hates following the same boring and mundane routine, thus he tries his very best to do whatever he feels like doing. He will most likely never show remorse for any of his actions, and is most likely someone who lives without regrets.

Powers: Hazama is an incredibly powerful being, who uses shady black-and-green energy, most likely a type of powerful magic called Ars Armagus. He has the ability to form a large, “dead-zone” around him with Ouroboros, and can leech the health off of other enemies.

Skills: Hazama has many odd skills, that could be considered uncharacteristic of him. He’s a good dancer, as hinted in most of his motions on the battlefield.
He can craft magical weapons as well, and enchant pre-existing weapons.
For some reason, he can sew as well?
Knows an enchantment to summon his hat back whenever he loses it, or even if it falls off.

Weapons:  In battle, he wields a beyond powerful weapon called a Nox Nyctores named Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros, which is a steel hook crafted in the shape of a snake, which he can summon to snare and lasso enemies. He uses Balisong-style butterfly knives for close-ranged combat as well.

Other Forms: Hazama’s other form is a demented, apparition-like, black-and-green form with one, red eye.
Weaknesses: Hazama is a bulkier and stronger fighter, believe it or not. He lacks the capability to zip across the battlefield like other fighters, even with Ouroboros. 
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