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Name: Ala Bites

Age: 223, but looks 15

Pet?: Yes, a black cat named Sushi

Likes: Cats, blood, reading, music and making it, video games, and the color black.

Dislikes: Most people in general, werewolves, school, and most humans.

Skills: Can control people and summon dragons and animals. She has hidden black feathery wings and can clone herself and anyone else. Ala can also take form to look like anyone else, But see prefers not to do so.

Bio: When she was young, she was bitten by a vampire, it was bitten by a werewolf a couple days later, which is why she aged until she looked sixteen. She hates werewolves for killing her old human family, and hates her human family for being so weak. She is homicidal, but decided to come to the school to learn how to control herself, her powers, and her want and need for blood and murder.

Personality: Very mistreating, but fairly quiet, easily angered and over strong.

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