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So, since no one else posted a "gears of my childhood" response, I though I'd give it a go: 

The most important item from my childhood: Super Nintendo. I have never wanted anything so badly in my life as much as I wanted this game system when I was six (It wasn't even a new thing anymore, it was at at least three years old at this point). It laid down a video gaming foundation. This wasn't only playing either, it was being able to set up the system and connect it to the tv to get it working and "troubleshooting" when the games didn't play right. The friends I made at school also liked playing video games, while the other children played kickball or with legos during free time we were busy saving the princess or playing Oregon Trail (a us history based computer game.) 

I still have my SNES, I shipped it to Belgium so I can continue to play it. Unfortunately, forgot about the voltage conversion and set the adapter plug on fire. Hopefully I didn't fry the whole system in the process.    

I'm interested to hear about all your childhood gears too.  

Looks pretty cool what you all build.
What do you think is the goal of this task? What do you think should people learn by doing it?
My idea is thats a strange task to build something with these materials. I think its to open up the minds, so you learn that its not just the obvious stuff you can do (using the spaghetis as construction material instead of eating) but that there are way more creative ways of using them.

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My husband and I just built our marshmallow experiments. We did them separately, and mine completely failed. It fell over and broke apart right as the timer hit 2 minuets to go. I went with a tee-pee approach, tried to tie the spagetti together like sticks.
His looks like a rocket, it's 72 cm tall. He went with a square base pattern by using triangles.   
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So thats what we built. One is from my fiancé, she built a man sliding down some spaghettis. The other one is mine and I chose the hexapod-stlye, +Fabian Handelberg  also mentioned. It worked out really really well and I think, you could build really high with this technique (given enough marshmallows + spaghettis). It seams very steady and can easily be transported. So, up until tomorrow evening the thing will be "kept alive" for your input and ideas :-) After that, I cannot guarantee for any single marshmallow. Disclaimer: No Marshmallow was harmed or eaten - yet.
Marshmallow Challenge
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Hi everybody I am a Costa Rican consultant working with technology and education projects. I am a teacher by training and I am a fan of distance learning, so this course caught my attention right away. I'll be traveling through Spain for the next few weeks so hope to keep up with all the action.

Hello everybody!! I'm a student of medicine, from Milan; I also study piano at a conservatory... I'm pretty busy with some exams right now but i'll try to stay tuned on this project ;) I have many interests: languages (I know at least 5 even if just 4 of them are fluent), sport (I practiced almost everything), ecc... I also like to create games for pc, but I'm interested in learning some programming language that I don't know... ;)

Following +Christian Kuckuck's lead, let me introduce myself: I studied computer science in Germany but just before graduating I took a job offer and started working for a small company based around cloud computing. The time I spent there was great, but I missed the creative spirit we had in university. Years later a very good friend of mine (also part of this group, actually) and me founded our very own company to create and build ideas we developed over time. That's why I, for my part, joined the Course - to learn handle my creativity and discover many many new things and ideas :-)

Hey there! While I really like email for communication, I think organizing this many people will need something better - that's why I just created a Google+ Community just for our group. Let's discuss our ideas over here :-)

Is anyone of you about to try the marshmallow challenge? I actually just came back from the grocery story and brought some with me, just in case, you know :-)
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