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We have just expanded our nutraceutical business to Mongolia and expect our expansion to go into China by the end of the year. 

I don't have a nutraceutical company but I have a couple online gambling sites based in Hong Kong.  It took a long time to get our government licensing but once we got it MNBS Payment Solutions was able to set us up for merchant accounts and amazing credit card processing ! 

MNBS Payment Solutions really helped my nutraceutical business process credit cards.  Their service is outstanding. 

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EU agrees to cap interchange fees – taking effect MID 2015

“On 17 December 2014  EU legislators finally reached an agreement on key terms for the proposed Regulation on Interchange Fees for card-based payment transactions.  . . .  expected to happen in  2015…”(

What are interchange fees?
Interchange fees are the direct costs charged by the association (ie visa/ masterCard) for credit card transactions.  These fees are generally charged directly to the merchant for the service of processing credit card transactions. 

How merchants in the EU, or doing business with the EU, will be affected by this change: 

• Decrease in Processing Rates. Processing rates will be capped as per the law.  This will ultimately decrease the processing rates paid by the merchant for credit card processing. 

• High Risk Merchant Displacement. The interchange cost that is charged is a direct function of the risk associated with the merchant.  Accordingly, with the cap imposed by the EU, banks will be forced to decline certain industries and merchants that fall outside the risk cap. 

• Solution. MNBS Payment Solutions can assist EU and offshore merchants in setting up US or other offshore merchant accounts. 

Benefits for MNBS Payment Solutions Merchants: 
• Decrease in processing rates; 
• Offshore merchant account solutions; 

Are you ready for the EU interchange cap? 

The interchange fee cap in the EU is a perfect example of how business is constantly changing, nevertheless, MNBS Payment Solutions is here to help. Let MNBS Payment Solutions provide you with a free domestic merchant account or offshore merchant account consultation to see exactly how the new regulations will affect your business.  MNBS Payment Solutions provides credit card solutions for all high risk merchant account and offshore merchant accounts; please contact us at (888) 505-6956 for information.
(888) 505-6956



The adult industry is extremely saturated and not many banks will continue to work with us. Especially in Asia, and virtually NONE in Korea!   I have been working with MNBS Payment Solutions 888-505-6956 for a few years and they consistently bring me new solutions to keep up with my volume.  They are really a superb company. 

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Nutraceuticals keep us healthy .   #mnbspayment  solutions is your place for a nutraceutical merchant account. 
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Do you own a nutraceutical company and need domestic or offshore payment processing?  Or do you need more volume?  Check us out at

MNBS Payment Solutions can assist its clients by providing chargeback intercept data and direct referrals to our chargeback management partner companies. Chargeback intercept data is obtained directly from Visa and MasterCard and distinguish which charges are likely to become chargebacks. Therefore the client has the opportunity to refund the transaction BEFORE it becomes a chargeback.   Our partner companies, such as, Verifi, also provide extensive tools to help prevent chargebacks.

MNBS Payment Solutions does not just provide merchant accounts to its clients, we also help our clients maintain healthy accounts so that they can accept payments for the life of their business and not have to worry about early termination due to chargebacks.

MNBS Payment Solutions provides key benefits to our nutraceutical merchant account clients, which include, but are not limited to:

•Profits. Increase your with a reliable and reputable solution.
• Gateway Integrate directly to our gateway or use another popular gateway of your choice. Either way we will support your nutraceutical merchant account and credit card processing needs.
•MOTO.Mail Order Telephone Order Transactions (“MOTO”) are supported with our virtual terminal.
•Domestic Solutions.MNBS Payment Solutions is directly contracted to a multitude of acquirers.
•International / Offshore.International and offshore solutions throughout Europe and Asia are available for our nutraceutical clients.
•Chargeback Intercept Data.MNBS Payment Solutions has access to Chargeback Intercept data direct through Visa (daily,delayed) and Mastercard (weekly,delayed) to help manage and prevent chargebacks.
•Trial/ Negative Option/ Continuity/Recurring Billing.MNBS Payment Solutions specializes in this sort of nutraceutical business types.
•Rotating MIDS.If you are having trouble managing your chargebacks, please inquire about MNBS Payment Solutions Rotating MID option. This allows business owners to stay below the chargeback threshold each month without threat of their accounts being terminated.
•LegacyLegacy accounts are the most difficult nutraceutical type or billing to work with.   MNBS Payment Solutions has merchant account solutions for legacy accounts that are agedupto 60 days.
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