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Hello Gumby community! It’s a sad day, but Digital Surgeons has decided to retire Gumby Framework in order to focus our efforts on making other awesome things for the web. 

Thank you so much for all of the years of loyalty and contribution, without you guys Gumby would not have been the same.

The framework as it currently stands is not going anywhere and can still be found on GitHub ( and installed with Bower ( 

We are very much open to handing the repository off to members of the community that are dedicated to moving it forward. If you are interested in inheriting the framework then please get in touch! (

While we very much enjoyed building the framework and seeing some of the amazing things you have built, we want to focus our attention in other areas and build smaller more modular components that can be used in conjunction with larger UI frameworks the web has to offer. 

Toggles & Switches ( is the first of these. Abstracted, updated and drastically improved, the new Toggles & Switches is super powerful and can be integrated into the framework or toolset of your choice.

Thank you again and we hope to collaborate with you all on future projects!

I'm trying to use vertical tabs, but it doesnt show up new tabs when I click on them.
I've already imported  both gumby.min.js and gumby.tabs.js and still it doesnt work.

Hi admin and all readers 
can yo help me im newbie i would love to try gumby framework for my portfolio and also to find  a job

now my problem is i dont know how to start is there a video tut that well explain?

Hello Gumby! I am facing an issue in a website when I run an accessibility testing tool. For example when i use <i class="icon-note"></i> the accessibility tool reader sees <i> as italic and it cannot pass the testing criteria. Any ideas on how i can fix this?

Kind regards,

I got a job now :) and I need to take this web app that we sell and make it responsive. Can I use Gumby for this? Where is the info on this? 

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au au au 
oh gumby 

thanks for all day 
 time to move to another css framework :D 

It looks like the gumby website is down (most likely permanently?). Where are your users supposed to go to get documentation going forward?  I understand stopping maintenance on something, but that was a pretty heavy handed approach.

How do I change the position of a gumy-ttip without changing the global setting in the _settings.scss? Are there some hidden attributes can be use in this case?
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