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Is anyone still active here? I need some zodiac furniture
I'm missing
Tauros, Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces

I'm willing to pay 2 million bells for all them

Sorry for being so inactive. I know it's been too long, but I'm going to make some people mods. Hopefully this community can keep growing. Have a god day! I don't have enough time to do this anymore, I'm really sorry...

Sorry for asking, but can anyone hack villagers? U just restarted so I can't really offer much 030

Hello can someone help me Gracie is back I'm on my third one I can't complete it anyone who has the store can I borrow some clothes

Congrats on 100 members! 🎉🎉

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Hey all! I'm opening my Weeding Town tonight.

It will include:
- Weeds, of course.
- The date will be set to Weeding Day.
- Retail buying turnips for 990 bells.
- Villagers in boxes for adoption.

How it will work:
I will add all Friend Codes, and will just open my gates. It will be a 'first come, first serve' basis, meaning whoever arrives in my town first will get to stay. I will have no power over who comes in.
I will also reload the town every hour or so, so that the weeds will be replenished, villagers will be in boxes again (if they have been adopted), and so that other people will have a chance to visit.

If you are interested in joining:
- Add my FC: 2294-8081-0067
- Comment your FC.
- If you're interested in adopting a villager, let me know who you want me to put in boxes for you before I set up my town tonight.

Now, just keep an eye out for a notification! I will comment here when my gates are opened. My town will be available in about 6 hours, so you have until then to apply!

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Can somebody please help me with this this is scaring the crap out of me
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