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Yes, I know she looks like a Mary Sue. Hopefully, she isn't. Though she probably is.


Killer Name: The Poach Slayer.
Real Name: Charlie Thompson.
Gender: Female.
Age: 21.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Sign: Cancer. ♋
Birthday: June 13.
Hobbies: Caring for the forest animals, bringing torment to poachers, sleeping, singing, and drawing in the sand.
Weapon: Her own hands and a large rock.
Occupation: Animal Guardian, stalker, and killer.
Catchphrase: "That's what you get!"
Master Is: She has no master.
Personality: Nurturing, overprotective, adaptable, over reacts, loyal, easily frightened, dependable, panicky, kind, short tempered, responsive, and violent.
Likes: Nature, animals, science, peace, forests, nighttime, and sleep.
Dislikes: Landfills, litter, math, poachers, animals getting killed, daytime, and Animal Control.
Strengths: Stealth, persistence, jumping with the help of her small wings, self defense, her loud screech, her strength, and her skills with strangling.
Weaknesses: She can't fly with her wings, she's cowardly, she's terrible with weapons, gets tired quickly, easily distracted, and you can smell her from 65 feet away. She is also blind in one of her eyes.
How She Kills: She'll break your arms and legs with her own bare hands, and will either strangle you or bash your skull with a rock till you die.
Lives Where?: In the middle of the forest.
Mental Disorders?: O.C.D, A.D.H.D, and Aboulomania.
Who She Kills: Poachers, and the family and friends of said poacher. She'll stalk the poacher, finding out who his/her family and friends are. When she does, she'll kill the friends first, wait a week, kill the family, wait a month, then kill the poacher.
Biography: When she was 15, she was cursed by her mother, who was a witch, to be part bat, and to roam the forest for the rest of her life. Why? 1. She was extremely obsessed with animals, and was very hateful to people who hated or hunted them. 2. She murdered the person in charge of the Animal Control in their town for killing the animals they caught. 3. She punched a kid for showing off his hunting skills. 4. She was a smartass towards her parents. 5. She got in a fight with a classmate, and the classmate blinded her left eye by pouring paint onto it while it was still open. And 6. She often stole her parents money.


Intelligence: 6/10.
Strength: 8/10.
Speed: 4/10.
Agility: 2/10.
Durability: 5/10.
Stamina: 5/10.
Balance: 7/10.
Tolerance: 5/10.

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Name: Victoria Rose

Aka:  Broken Melody

Age: 16

Gender: female

Dead or alive: Dead

personally: calm, quiet, careless, and fearless

race: spirit/fallen angel

likes: video games, killing, and my sister

Dislikes: humans, my father, fire, and anybody who beats me at video games

how i kill: i haunt my victims for five days on the fifth night, i possess them and started destroying their organs and then i explode them from the inside

bio: when i was 12 years old, my father killed my mother and he tried to kill my sister but i didn't let that happen, i grabbed her hand and run toward my room, and try to lock the door but my father bust through the door with a chef night and try to stab my sister, but i stood in front of my sister and father looked like he lost his patience and kick me out the way and stabbed my sister 10 time, i was next but i try to run away but he threw the chef knife and it cut the back of my legs making me stumble and fall, but still alive, he crept toward me with me trying to crawl away, he grabbed my hair and locked me in a closet he grabs fire full and pour it all over the room and then got a mash and flick in onto the fire full, the house went up in flames, i saw the flames from under the door, i didn't care at all i didn't want my sister's lifeless body to turn to ashes so i kicked open the door and went through the flames, i cry in pain and fell onto the floor, i totally forgot about my leg so i gave up and crawl to my sister i put my hand was in her lifeless hands and died in her hands my last words were  roses are red, violent are blue, i love you my sister dear, wood is brown, fire is orange we are in a flaming room, blood is dark red, and light is white, we'll be together once were dead

weapons: ghost powers

abilities: anything that ghost can do, and shape shifting

theme song:

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Got a few more mug shots. Should do me better.
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Name: Lost soul. I named my self for my sister
Age: 13
Gender: female
Likes: my sister, my friend and grinny
Dislikes: my parents, Being teased, and hair being touched
Bio: umm I just saying I was a twin she died and I killed my parents with a pipe and I can change into my younger self
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Dark motion " look what I found haha Jeff's going soft how potty"

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Welp this community seems dead, such a shame

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Name: Pinkamena Diane Pie

Race: Pony


Gender: Female

Likes: jokes, cupcakes,pranks, having fun.

Lack of reaction or victim dyeing too soon

What you do:
Killing ponies, baking their organs into cupcakes

A short description/background: Pinkamena Diane Pie or "Pinkie Pie" has a number system which let's her pick her next victims. She has a basement where she tortures her victims while disemboding them collecting the organs which is the main ingredient for her cupcakes and uses the flesh of her friends and other body parts to make dolls of them which is her main goal.

-- comes in and looks around -- Damn... it's quiet.
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